Are you looking to enjoy some tranquility in your backyard? Or are you interested in enhancing the aesthetics of your pool? Next level water features are your one-stop solution to these questions. They create a peaceful atmosphere and elevate your pool’s beauty. Here are some exciting water features for you to consider.

Deck Jets

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Deck jets are a simple yet effective water feature design. The process begins by installing jets around your pool. These jets shoot out water upwards that form an arc shape from the ground to your pool. The pool water will be taken and distributed via pipework to the water jets. You can choose the number of jets and their position as well. Deck jets are ideal for relaxing on a hot day without entering the pool. You will be comforted by the water sound that is shooting into your pool. It is also a safe spot for kids who are yet to learn swimming. You can take them by these jets and have your kids accustomed to the water. Deck jets provide enjoyment and peace to your entire family. This simple feature is beautiful and shines more brightly when you complement it with lighting.

Water Wall

Next level water features like a water wall add luxury and glamour to your pool. It is possible to build these water walls in many creative ways. Thus, you can customize it to suit your pool and its aesthetics. So, what is a water wall? It is a wall that is built on one side of your pool, made from timber, concrete, or steel. The wall has a tile finishing to magnify its attractiveness. The water wall comes with a water blade that creates stunning visual effects. It does so by pushing out the water through your wall. This action also has a relaxing effect. You can enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by the gentle sounds of water as it cascades back to the pool.


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Although simple, fountains are one of the best next level water features that you cannot ignore. From the mostly favorite bubbling vase to a formal fountain, or core-drilled boulder, fountains are available in artistic designs. These recirculating fountain forms collect water at the bottom in a basin. A water pump later pumps the water back to the top. You can place the fountain in any place you like. Place them next to your pool, on the steps, beach entry or hide them in your deck. Fountains add a charm to your backyard irrespective of their placement.


Scuppers are the most exciting next level water features. They are spouts or slots attached to a pedestal or wall that overlooks your pool. The water flow from these spouts can be custom made to suit your taste. For instance, water flow can be in the form of a trough, sheet, or a chute. Installing a scupper improves the visual appeal of your pool. It also creates a welcoming setting by promoting a tranquil atmosphere.

Water features for your pool can be simple, complex, large, or small. If you yearn for beauty and a magical aura, then these water features must be a compulsory addition to your pool.