In Japan a Massive Pool was Built for their Elephants

elephantpoolElephants take a dip into Japan’s Fuji Safari Park pool. The zoo, which is located in the city of Susono, at the foot of Mount Fuji, debuted a massive 65-meter long swimming pool especially for their elephants this year.

Zookeeper: Daiki Takeuchi explains that the large glass window panes were built specifically to offer visitors a surprising glimpse at the way the giant animals us their legs and trunks in the water.

The pachyderm’s (yeah, that is the scientific word for elephant) massive body, very surprisingly, gives them enough surface area and buoyancy to float easily. They swim completely in the water, with their head above the water and their mouths below, and use all four legs to paddle. The biggest advantage that elephants have above all other mammals in the swimming arena is: their trunk. They use their trunk like a snorkel! This enables them to breathe at a completely normal rate when swimming and it allows them to swim long distances. They have been known to swim for six hours consistently!

A Pool for Polar Bears

The San Dsandiegopolarbeariego Zoo is arguably one of the most impressive zoos in the world so would it surprise you that their Polar Bear exhibit has an amazing pool?  From the underwater viewing room you can see how agile and playful these Polar Bears really are. In fact, they’re known to swim right up to the glass to check out all the humans checking them out. When they swim up to the glass it really gives tourists a chance to see how massive and strong these animals really are!

Fern Canyon, a Natural Looking Pool in San Diego’s Zoo


The pools at zoos aren’t always just for the animals to enjoy. Sometimes the zoo pools that are incorporated into the exhibits can serve as a relaxing environment for tourists. To the right of the San Diego Zoo’s Flamingo Lagoon, you’ll see Fern Canyon. You can relax nearby and follow the steps down into the Fern Canyon, a peaceful rain forest refuge that’s perfect for a break from the never ending crowds at the San Diego Zoo.

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