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Gunite Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Clean A Gunite Pool

Gunite swimming pool maintenance is likely the task that you will have to do regularly. Cleaning any swimming pool is essential, but it is especially essential with gunite pools. The guide below will help you keep your pool clean as part of gunite swimming pool maintenance schedule. Adhere to the tips closely, and your backyard oasis will always be ready to enjoy.

Since gunite is a porous material, algae can breed very fast. This will quickly mess up your Gulf Coast pool’s water and be unmanageable. Vacuuming and cleaning the pool’s sides daily will keep this task manageable and your gunite pool’s water fresh and clean.

Here are some gunite swimming pool maintenance tips to consider:

Cleaning debris

You should skim the debris and any other particles floating in your gunite pool before you get into the major pool cleaning steps. Some debris will float while others will settle at the bottom of the swimming pool. The first step is to have them all out. Begin with scrubbing the pool’s walls and the floor as well. Make sure that you use swimming pool manufacturer recommended vacuums and cleaners.

Get the best filter

As part of your gunite swimming pool maintenance, a good quality filtration system will play a major role in keeping your water clear. The filter’s role is to remove debris and harmful chemicals in the pool water. If your pool is old or you have a frequent issue with algae, it might be time your filtration needs upgrading.

You might also want to get your gunite inground pool inspected by Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast gunite swimming pool maintenance technicians. They will replace your filters or sand used in your equipment. A simple repair might be all your pool needs to greatly improve the quality of your pool’s water.

Chemical balance

If your pool’s pH is incorrect, anyone who will take a dip in the swimming pool might get skin rashes. Aside from this, a pH that’s incorrect might also corrode the swimming pool equipment. What determines a well-balanced pool is the level of calcium hardness and alkalinity. You can get most pool balancers in the market; you just have to follow the information presented on the pack to complete the work.


If algae are not checked, one small colony will turn out to be an infestation very quickly. Use algaecides properly to prevent algae growth. Add them to the swimming pool every week, and that will keep things in control. If your pool has algae, then our pool technicians can recommend products meant to quickly get rid of algae. However, please remember that adding such a chemical might leave your gunite pool unusable for a couple of days.

Gunite Swimming Pool Maintenance- Conclusion

Gunite pool maintenance is a task that you can perfect with practice. You must follow a set of steps accurately. It’s important that you protect yourself while you’re cleaning your Gulf Coast pool. Make sure that you wear protective clothing and gloves while using tools and chemicals. You should also adhere to all the instructions provided with the pool chemicals. Any mistake might harm your health as well as the health of people who use the swimming pool. If you need help cleaning your pool or need a new gunite pool, feel free to call Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today.

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