Inground Pools

The Three Types of Inground Swimming Pools

If you’ve lived on your property for a long period of time or you just bought a property that requires renovation, start with adding an inground swimming pool! There is no better way to enjoy your home and make it a place that everyone loves. Start by finding inground pool builders that will help you design your pool with quality work and materials.

3 types of pools

The three main types of inground swimming pools we build are:

Fiberglass pools, which typically offer faster installation but come in limited shapes.
Shotcrete / Gunite Pools which are high durable and can be created in any shape.
And finally Vinyl Liner Pools, which offer excellent value, fast installation, and high durability.

gunite pool

Discover What You Want from Your Pool

Your property renovation is important and your inground pool builders may have to deal with ground that isn’t level or clearing plants and trees from the area in order to build your pool. Think about the size and shape that you want your pool to be and where on your property that you want it to go.

  • A smaller pool may be good for a property that is limited, especially if you want to add other areas to entertain and enjoy your yard. Your pool doesn’t have to be Olympic sized for it to be inground or for you to be able to enjoy swimming it.
  • If the ground isn’t level on your property, you may not have to do anything to get your inground pool. Talk to the builders about where the pool could go and what size and shape would be best for your property.
  • If there is debris like plants and trees in the way of where you want your pool to go, find out if the builders will clear it or if you’ll have to find a way to get it cleared yourself before they can start building.
  • Don’t forget about spa options and pool equipment! The pumps, heater, and attached or detached hot tubs will also take up space. Our team can design a space where you won’t have to see them.
pool building

Have a Conversation with Your Builders

Before you decide on who will build your pool, talk to them about the services that come with building the pool. You may want to know if they have designers on hand to help you plan your property renovation with a pool, if they’ll show you in detail how all of the pool equipment operates, and if they’ll be on hand after the pool is finished to help you with any questions you have about maintaining your pool.

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Find the Best Professionals

Look for quality and professionalism in your inground pool builders so that you’ll get the pool that you want. The professionals at Premier Pools and Spas are committed to ensuring that your pool building experience is enjoyable and exciting as it should be. Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today to find out how you can start your property renovation by building a pool!

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