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Vinyl Pools

The only type of pool that offers the ease of installation similar to fiberglass – and the customization edge of gunite – is the vinyl liner pool. Vinyl pools are budget-friendly, and building a vinyl pool it takes no longer than 4-8 weeks on average.

Viny Pools
Viny Pools
Viny Pools
Vinyl Pools
Viny Pools

Pros & Cons of Vinyl Pools

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Vinyl Pool
Pros & Cons Vinyl Pools

Low Initial Costs

Building a vinyl swimming pool is a pocket-friendly project; even the custom designs cost less than gunite or fiberglass. The installation completes much faster than concrete.

Vinyl Pool
Pros & Cons Vinyl Pools

High Level of Customization

Virtually any shape of a vinyl pool can be accommodated by modern manufacturing techniques that create a vinyl liner. Your shape & size options are virtually endless when building a vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl Liner
Vinyl Liner
Pros & Cons Vinyl Pools

Liner Replacements

Vinyl swimming pools need regular maintenance and inspections to stay in shape. Upon that, the pool may require five to six replacements in its lifetime. If you happen to find small tears, you can fix it quickly using patching glue.

Viny Pools
Pros & Cons of Vinyl Pools

Wrinkles With Time

In high water table areas, the liner seems to be floating when there is excess groundwater. When the groundwater recedes, it creates lines, and removing them is a time-consuming process. Keep in mind: You cannot drain the pool entirely without the liner becoming brittle.

Vinyl Pool Building Process

Vinyl Pool Building Process

Vinyl liner swimming pools offer more flexibility in design than fiberglass, and the installation process is more straightforward than with gunite inground pools.

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  • Excavation

    We excavate the site, remove the dirt, and verify the vinyl pool elevation.

  • Pool Wall Panels

    The vinyl pool walls are installed with galvanized steel, wood, concrete, or polymer material.

  • Concrete & Plumbing

    We run the plumbing lines and pour concrete footing (about eight inches deep) around the pool.

  • Pump & Filter

    The main drains, plumbing, and pool equipment are set up.

  • Base & Backfill

    We trowel the base material mix and lay down the pool bottom over the exposed earth on which the liner rests. Next, we install the coping and backfill the pool.

  • Liner Installation

    The liner bead is inserted into the wall panel-mounted track, upon which it snaps into place. The vinyl liner is vacuumed carefully to prevent air leaks.

  • Filling the Pool

    Water is filled, and the automatic pool cover is installed.

  • Deck Installation

    Concrete is poured around the pool for stamped or stone patio. We then install the permanent fence and pool landscaping.

  • Water Chemistry

    Before we start your pool, we check and balance the pool water chemistry and then run the filtration system.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long do vinyl liners last?

Vinyl pool liners can last up to 10 years with regular maintenance. However, factors such as exposure to sunlight, wear and tear, and the amount of care and upkeep can affect their lifespan.

What is the cost of a vinyl pool?

Pools with vinyl liners can be as affordable as $35,000 and range up to $100,000 for more luxurious, feature-filled designs. The exact cost will depend on the specifics of your project.

Can you heat a vinyl pool?

All types of swimming pools, including vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete, can be effectively heated with solar pool heaters, electric heat pumps, and gas heaters.

Can you use salt water in a vinyl pool?

Yes! If you have a vinyl liner, you can use a salt chlorinator system in your pool without any issues.

How fast can a vinyl pool be installed?

The exact installation time depends on the project’s scope. Still, with its quick installation time, a vinyl pool can be completed in as little as four weeks!

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