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What Is A Shipping Container Pool?

What exactly is a shipping container pool? A shipping container pool is a type of swimming pool that is made out of a repurposed shipping container. Shipping container pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost, durability,

What Is Pool Coping?

What is pool coping? When it comes to pool coping, there is a lot to know. Pool coping is the material that is used to cap the edge of a pool or spa. It can be made from a

Pool Ionizer Pros And Cons

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Pool Ionizer? You’ve decided to take the plunge and add a pool ionizer to your pool care regime. But, like with any new pool care product, you want to make sure

Will Pool Water Kill Grass or Harm My Yard?

Will pool water kill grass? It's the age-old question: will pool water kill grass? If you've ever seen a beautiful lawn turn into a patch of yellowed dead grass, you may wonder if you can blame the pool. There

When Do Pools Open?

When do pools open & when should I open mine? As we enter the warmer months here in the United States, many people are wondering when their local pools will open. Unfortunately, there is no blanket answer to this

What Is A Salt Water Pool?

What Is A Salt Water Pool? A saltwater pool is a swimming pool in which the water is maintained at a higher than normal salt concentration. The increased salt concentration lowers the water's freezing point, which allows the pool

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