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Best Plants For Landscaping Around Your Pool

Best plants for landscaping around your pool

Landscaping around your pool is a good opportunity to create a relaxing oasis in your outdoor space. If you have a pool, go the extra mile and get really complementary plants. There are many challenges that you should deal with when landscaping. To start with, to create the gorgeous oasis look the plants need to be lush and colorful.

Secondly, you want to ensure they will not drop leaves or other debris that can get into the water. Nobody wants to use up their precious time cleaning or skimming their pool because of using the wrong plants.

Ornamental grasses

These plants are great options for landscaping around your pool. Ornamental grasses grow fast, easy to look after, create a stunning form, any time of the day, not too messy, and blend well with other plants.


If you are looking to prioritize privacy or create a shaded area by your pool, trees are the best option. Even trees around your yard’s perimeter can protect you from noises around the neighborhood. Think about trees like container-grown palms, evergreen sumac, Leland cypress, little-leaf ash, or rosewood. Choose only trees that grow slowly so they will not interfere with the structure of the pool or those that have shallow root systems.


Most pool owners go for succulents because their maintenance is low. Succulents are well known for their water capabilities. They are available in a range of different forms, colors, and shapes that provide an appealing touch to your landscape design. Go for bigger succulents, such as Yucca or Crassula. These provide a rich green shade to the area while also functioning as a barricade as well. Small succulents, such as Sedum and Aeonium, provide more elaborate elegance and you can use them to fill in bare spaces around your backyard pool.

Mosquito repellent plants

Pools attract mosquitoes, especially in areas with hot, humid conditions. Consider landscaping around your pool with plants like basil and lavender. Using these herbs for landscaping around your pool will not only repel mosquitoes but will also help create a tranquil environment. These plants often need full sunshine to flourish as well.

Citronella is a versatile plant, which is quite low-maintenance and is great for landscaping around your pool. Rather than getting Tiki torches or citronella candles for keeping insects away, get these plants. You will add texture to your outdoor space while still using their scent to repel mosquitoes.

Geraniums are not only mosquito repellent, but they are also available in a range of beautiful, bright colors. Additionally, they often last all through many of the seasons.

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