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Custom Pool Boise Cost

Building the pool of your dreams is probably the most expensive landscaping venture, with the average cost of a pool starting at $35,000 and higher. Our pool building experts will help you get the most that a custom pool Boise has to offer. The price of your pool is directly affected by the size, depth, and features you want to add.

Materials Attributing to Cost

The cost of your custom pool will be influenced by the materials used. There are three materials used to make a pool: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. You will find most of the cost difference of custom pools lies in the pool maintenance.

Concrete: Typically used with lager pools, the cost of a concrete pool usually ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 starting off. The larger the pool the more mechanics that need to go into it, which ups the charge. While concrete is a popular choice, this material is known for algae build-up which affects the pH balance of your pool.

Fiberglass: A fiberglass pool is an exceptionally economic choice when it comes to custom pools Boise offers. These typically start around $40,000 can reach up to $55,000 starting off. With the easiest maintenance of the three choices, you’ll save in the beginning and in the end by choosing a fiberglass swimming pool.

Vinyl: A vinyl pool is easy to clean and made custom. The starting range for a vinyl swimming pool installation begins at $30,000 on average.

Size and Location

The size is obviously a major factor in the cost of your swimming pool. As a general rule the cost figure ranges about $50 to $90 per square footage. Location will play a role as well, how far will the crew have to drive to get to your home? What sort of terrain are we working with? These are all players in the game of cost.

Custom Pool Features

Shape: The shape of a pool is usually a kidney bean or rectangular, Premier Pools and Spas can construct any pool design imaginable, so it is only truly limited by budget.
Spa: Your basic spa will add at least $5,000 to your initial cost.
Slides: Slides costs start at $1,000 and can reach up to $15,000 depending on intricacy.
Rocks: Naturalistic rocks are a great look but will add to the cost, consider artificial rocks if looking for a cheaper alternative.
Lighting: Lighting fixtures cost anywhere from $100 and reach beyond $500. Deciding between incandescent bulbs or LED lighting can make a world of difference in efficiency and overall look.
Waterfalls: These attractive features will upscale your look and cost by at least $1,000.
Diving Boards: Depending on the material used for your diving board costs can start at $300 and reach beyond $1,000.
Heater: A pool heater, to extend your swimming season, will cost at least $1,500 for installation and at least $100 extra per month.

Maintenance responsibility, pool construction permits, and raising the property value of your home are further considerations when it comes to installing a pool. Let Premier Pools and Spas educate you on the daunting task of pool building with our expert advice. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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