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Should You Dye Your Pool Green For St. Patrick’s Day?

Should You Dye Your Pool Green For St. Patrick’s Day?

If you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day pool party, it is time to paint your backyard green. Since green is the color of the occasion, you may be tempted to dye your pool in the same color. However, it is not advisable to use chemical dyes or other substances in your pool water.  Not only it requires pounds of dye but aftermath cleanup can be quite tough on you.

Should You Color Your Pool for St. Patrick’s Day Party?

After witnessing the green color of Chicago River, many pool owners want the same look for their backyard oasis. It is not always a wise choice. Dyeing the pool requires gallons of green dye thrown in its water. These substances or chemicals have a bad effect on the chlorine and pH levels of the pool. It results in bacterial infestation of the water.

Sometimes, the water in your pool may turn murky green instead of sparkling green that you expect. In this case, you’ll have to enjoy the party beside a dirty pool. You wouldn’t want that.

When the pool water gets unbalanced, it can make you sick as well. In some cases, contaminated pool water results in recreational waterborne diseases. If you swallow the water or swim in it, your chances of catching the illness are manifold. Even breathing around a contaminated pool can be infectious for you.

Is There Any Pool Damage Caused By the Dyes?

When you use dyeing substances or chemicals in your pool water, the damage can happen to the pool as well. You need to scrub clean the tiles and deck after the party to remove color stains.

It is an exhaustive task that needs a lot of time and labor. So, unless you have both, refrain from using dyes to turn your pool into green color for St. Patrick’s Day pool party.

How Can You Plan a Green Pool Party?

Since chemical dyes are not at all safe for your pool, you must think of other ways to enjoy a themed pool party. For St. Patrick’s Day, green is the right color to choose. But, you shouldn’t add green dyes to your pool. Rather, you can use green-colored LED lights for the pool and spa.

Bright LED lights create the right impact inside the pool and make its water look green. There’s no need to dye the pool water to match the party theme. These lights are not only easy to install but also bright and cost-effective.

You can also create the right theme throughout your backyard with a little planning and right accessories. Choose the party décor, lights, and other elements in shades of green to create the right ambiance. You can cook green themed food and serve green cocktails in green cups to be in the party mode.

Also, add green pool accessories such as balloons, floats, floating lights, and floating hats to your pool. Whatever you choose, stick to the theme for the best effects.

So, get ready for your St. Patrick’s Day pool party with these arrangements. To make your pool ready, call the experts right away.

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