Waterfall pool grotto with slide has become an alluring feature for modern backyards. It perfectly complements the beauty of your lagoon with its natural accents. A grotto is typically a large natural rock with waterfall and a cavern-like space underneath. You can swim under the grotto or configure it with features like lighting, spa, or seating areas. Here are some affordable and impressive pool grotto designs with rock waterfalls.

Affordable Pool Grotto with Slide Designs 1

Natural Rock Grotto with Room under Waterfall

You can choose a mid-sized pool grotto with slide and rock waterfall for creating a backyard oasis. This type of grotto can have ample room for several swimmers behind the waterfall. You can use this space for group seating or a loveseat behind the waterfall. It can serve as a perfect place to hide away from everyone.

Grotto with Multiple Benches

If you plan to throw many exhilarating pool parties in your backyard, you can opt for a rock grotto with multiple benches. It serves as an ideal spot to accommodate large groups. Some designs in this type of grotto have places to come out of water inside the grotto or you can design a grotto completely within the pool.

Pool Grotto with a Submerged Cave

For small kids, it can be great fun to make a splash in the pool and play in a submerged cave. You can design this grotto in the shallow side of the pool. Enhance it with a natural rock pool slide and you may never have to go to a water park again. It creates the perfect destination for the kids to enjoy their summer afternoons.

Pool Grotto with Shaded Spaces

There are many ways to design a rock grotto that resembles natural caves with waterfalls. You can use this feature to create a relaxing and shaded space for hydrotherapy in your swimming pool. Consult a local pool professional having expertise in the installation of custom pool features before going ahead with this project.

Pool Rock Grotto with High Waterfall

To create a natural impact with a tropical feel, you can opt for a natural lava stone grotto with high waterfall. It has a towering impact on the swimming pool. You can also install around bench behind the waterfall to enjoy stunning views from behind the water curtain.

Rock Grotto with a Spa

Imagine taking a soak in the hot water of your spa inside a natural cave. You can recreate this magic in your own backyard by choosing rock grotto feature build with engineered concrete. It not only resembles natural stone but also allows you to customize the design as per your needs.

Affordable Pool Grotto with Slide Designs 2

Rock Grotto with a Swim Up Bar

When choosing a pool grotto with slide, you can also consider other features like a swim-up bar. It helps to create a perfect sanctuary to relax in the soothing calmness with your friends. Enhance the impact with color changing LED lights to illuminate the caverns of your grotto.

These are some amazing pool grotto with slide designs for a modern backyard. You can choose an affordable option depending on your needs and budget.

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