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Disclaimer About Rates Quoted on Premier Finance

Our rate calculator and loan payments displayed may not reflect your actual loan product. This estimate is provided simply to help consumers make an informed buying decision and provide insight as to what your actual monthly pool payment might be given the proposed credit scenario. Many factors will determine what your ultimate payment may actually be once a hard credit pull is performed and your true credit situation is evaluated at the time of processing your loan application. Your actual monthly payment may be higher or lower depending on your actual credit situation.

Our rate calculator is not an actual loan product.

Once the application is submitted a soft credit pull will be performed to determine which loan options you qualify for. You will then be notified of your available options. Once a loan program has been selected, a hard credit pull will be performed before finalizing the loan terms.

Pre-Approval does not guarantee you will be granted a loan, it only means that based on the information that you provided we think you will be able to get approved with one of the lenders Premier Pools & Spas uses. Pre-Approval does not mean that your loan has been approved and does not indicate that we will provide you with financing. Website visitors who have received a pre-approval may actually be denied credit once their entire credit history is examined.

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