When you consider the different types of pools, often the pool’s shape comes up. However, besides the shape, at Premier Pools & Spas we also provide Dallas homeowners pools with an array of depths. Flat-bottom pools are simply like it sounds; they provide a constant depth throughout your pool. This kind of pool is very common.

flat-bottom pools

Flat- bottom pools are perfect for swimming laps, but they make a good reflecting pool as well. There are lots of benefits that come with this pool type. The floor and the whole pool is simpler to install and inexpensive, and since it holds less water. It is also less expensive to heat and filter. These pools are also simpler to keep clean of dirt and leaves.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Flat-bottom Pools Include:

1. Perfect for Pool Sports

Have you at one time tried playing pool basketball or volleyball in a pool with a deep end? It is not easy. Flat-bottom pools let anyone playing the pool sports to get the same benefit. You also do not need to worry about a changing depth.

2. Perfect for Kids

Kids like playing in the pool and enjoy a range of pool games such as Sharks & Minnows, Marco Polo or even simply enjoying pool noodles or pool floats. When you’ve got small kids that love playing, a constant pool depth with a flat-bottom swimming pool will be helpful.

flat-bottom pools

3. Ideal for Workouts

With flat-bottom pools, not only are you able to swim laps, but you can also enjoy workouts such as using buoyant pool weights to exercise, water aerobics and water jogging. The constant depth provides for these types of workouts throughout the whole pool instead of just the pool’s shallow end.

With a flat bottom, your pool features the same depth in all sections. This will ensure the kids who dive into the water don’t risk bouncing on the bottom of the pool. For ball games, these pools are also the best option since all the participants are submerged at the same level. Flat- bottom pools are the best option for sociability in the long term.

Furthermore, in a flat bottom pool, the volume of water is evenly distributed. This makes it easier to control the temperature.

For traditional shape pools, Premier Pools & Saps advises Dallas homeowners to consider flat-bottom pools, since kids mature fast. Also, the small bath space in tilted bottom pools can be problematic for water games.

These pools make possible for the kids to easily reach the pool’s edge. Our pool experts can help you make your choice, depending on your desires and way of life.

flat-bottom pools

Flat-bottomed pools – Conclusion

Whatever pool bottom or pool floor shape you select, the pool experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas are here to walk you through it each step of the way – from design to landscaping. You can construct your own custom inground pool, and we’ll be glad to show you how! Contact us today to get started!

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