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Portland: Natural Swimming Pool – More Beauty, No Chemicals

Portland: Natural Swimming Pool – More Beauty, No Chemicals

If you want more beauty, and no chemicals then look for a natural swimming pool in Portland. In this article, we are going to talk about creating a pool that you will love.

More Beauty, No Chemicals

If you do not want to use chemicals in your pool but still have a clean pool with beauty, you can look into a natural swimming pool. When you have natural swimming pools, they use plants or a combination of plants and sand filters to clean the water and keep it clear. Developers in Austria and Germany created these types of pools in the 1980s. The popularity of these pools has grown worldwide.

When you are looking at a pool with more beauty, and no chemicals, you will find they are designed different ways. Some of the pools look like a natural pound. Other pools are disguised as a standard pool with tiles. Whichever look you want, the principles are the same. Natural pools are better for your hair and skin due to the fact that they are free from chemicals.

How Natural Swimming Pools Work

To have a natural swimming pool with more beauty, and no chemicals, you must have a constructed wetland of plants and gravel that will filer the water in the area which is called the regeneration zone. This zone is like a water garden.  There is a variety of plants a natural pool specialist put together or possibly a landscape architect. It was put together to create an ecosystem that cleans the pool water.

The regeneration zone is sized relating to the volume of water that needs to be cleaned. The zone that is planted is more shallow than the swimming area. Clean water flows slowly from the planted zone to the swimming zone. The specialized water skimmer removes large debris that falls on the water in the swim zone. This skimmer is fitted with a fine sieve that removes small debris before the water is circulated through a biological filter. If you want other helpful equipment like UV light filters and sand filters, they will remove phosphorous. This will help balance the natural pool system. Natural pools are becoming more popular because of their more beauty, no chemical options.

Creating a Pool You Love

Whether you decide to go with a natural pool or a traditional pool, you can create a pool that you love. Swimming pools add hours of fun playtime with your family and friends and are great for exercise. If you want more beauty, no chemicals then a natural swimming pool is going to be the option you want to go with.

There is no reason to try to plan your pool by yourself. We will be more than happy to help you plan your pool and work through each step of the process. We have been helping thousands of happy clients over the years. We would love to welcome you to our family or clients that proudly have a premier pool in their backyard.

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