Here are the Pool Kings; Building a Million Dollar View Pool

The Pool Kings stay near home for this pool project. Located right in El Dorado Hills, California is the million dollar view pool! Paul and Brian have some unexpected surprises through this episode of Pool Kings. While building a tropical island for the King family, Brian is concerned about a part of the design that might slide off the cliff, and his first baby is born!

Pool Kings: Million Dollar View Pool 1

A Million Dollar View

Megan and David King live in Northern California with their three kids. The Kings wanted to move to El Dorado Hills as soon as possible, so they purchased a lot of land. The only catch is that there wasn’t a house there yet. While the construction of their house is going on, the Kings called the Pool Kings to build them a tropical resort swimming pool at the same time. Their house was estimated to be finished 6-7 weeks after their swimming pool was completed. “We want to have a property that everyone will love.” Meagan says. Their swimming pool is going to be almost 1500 sq ft, it will essentially take up the entire backyard. The only concern that the Pool Kings have is that the back swimming pool doesn’t slide down the steep hill at the end of the King’s property. This natural oasis is going to consist of a 20 ft wide beach entry, a lazy river which will surround their own personal island. It will also have a bridge that leads from the Island to the back of the swimming pool, where a raised sky deck will be. The island is going to be will be 320 sq ft with bar stools surrounding it. There will be another water fall that is 6 ft tall and 25 ft long. On either side of the raised sky deck will be sheer waterfalls. Towards the front of the swimming pool, there will also be another area for additional seating. These chairs will surround a raised fire pit. “This will be a perfect place to roast marshmallows.” Paul adds. 

Pool Kings: Million Dollar View Pool 2

Incorporate the Slide!

While Megan and David are in love with the design, the Pool Kings get to work. The excavation process starts, and Brian finds a solution to support where the raised sky deck will be. To ensure that this part of the project doesn’t slide down the hillside, the crew reinforces the designated area with more re-barb and they gunite this section first for more support. Megan comes out to check up on the excavating process, but that’s not the only reason shes here. “Hi Paul, the kids and I were talking and we’d love it if you guys can add a slide somewhere into the design?” Megan asks. Paul assures the King family that he can add a 15ft slide in between two waterfalls. After the pool is filled with gunite, Brain checks on the bar stools. He soon realizes the bar stools are too short compared to where the top of the islands surface will be. “It almost feels like I’m seating at the kids table.” Brian says jokingly. He then asks the cement guys to make the bar stools a little taller, that way the King family will be able to sit comfortably on the bar stools. The next step to accomplish is plastering the pool, plaster cures when the swimming pool is filled with water and normally takes a few days, but with the size of this pool, it’s going to take 7-10 days.

Pool Kings: Million Dollar View Pool 3

A Surprise Reveal

While Paul is revealing the King’s their new swimming pool, Brian calls and announces he couldn’t make it because his wife just had their baby! Everyone is filled with joy. The Kings love their new swimming pool, and Brian is now a dad! “It is truly incredible.” Megan says to Paul. “You guys did an amazing job. We love it!” David says. “Thank you Pool Kings!” The King kids shout together.

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