Diving boards are not as common as they previously were. At one time a choice of backyard pools, they have started to fall out of popularity lately because of safety issues and other problems. A lot of pool owners are seeking some other options. This is where diving rocks come in. These rocks — also known as jump rocks — offer a different kind of launch pad for those who like a spectacular pool entrance.

diving rocks

Consult an expert

In deciding on the rock that will suit your needs, remember that prices might vary. Choosing a budget in advance is a great starting point. Because there are several types of diving rocks, from fabricated to natural, they can suit various budgets.

In addition, think about your design and if diving rocks will fit into the overall landscape. Your builder will have recommendations for you about weight and size limitations and also the right placement. They can also help you find the best diving rock for your backyard oasis. And remember, installing this feature isn’t a DIY job. There might be some regulations in your area so make sure you consult with your contractor.

Consider the benefits and the downsides of diving rocks

Just because they look stunning and stylish doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Before you decide to install diving rocks, ask yourself if you’re comfortable with the safety concerns. Like, is your deep end deep enough? Is it something you and your family will use?

Because these rocks are low to the ground, without springboard found on a diving board, the risk of accidents is much less. But, obviously, you can only install diving rocks at an inground pool’s deep end. Swimmers using this feature should able to dive or jump in without a not hit the bottom of the pool. You should keep an eye on the kids when you have this feature.

diving rocks

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