Do you know about piling pool? Are you planning a pool for your property? If so, you may have hired an experienced pool builder for designing and installing it. But have you taken care of the pool pilings? This means you will have to get more approvals and for your pool, which means you will have to pay more money.

Piling pool: Importance of swimming pool pilings 1

Do you need pilings?

Actually, finding out about the soil composition is important before starting the construction project. After knowing the soil makeup of your backyard, the pool builder will add support to the concrete base of the pool with pilings.

For some pools, a few piling are needed while others need a lot of them based on the size of the pool, soil type and the load that will be put on the concrete structure.

Let us find out more about the importance of wool piling.

What Exactly Are Swimming Pool Pilings?

Swimming pool pilings comprise steel, wood or concrete. The material is cast in place or driven into the soil.

Soil Boring Test

This soil boring test is done to find out if pilings will be needed to support the shell. This process involves drilling up to 30 feet into the ground to obtain a sample and then and test it.

How Much Will Pool Pilings Cost?

Piling pool: Importance of swimming pool pilings 2

When and you include a structural element in your whole construction project, know that the cost will go up. This soil boring test can be expensive and may cost more than $1500 based on the location.

Aside from this swimming pool pilings main cost up to $1000 for piling. Generally, swimming pool pilings can add up to $15000 to the total cost of your swimming pool project.

Basically, pool pilings can offer protection for your investment. Therefore it is a great idea to invest in swimming pool pilings and make your swimming pool much safer.

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