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Adding A Beach Entry

Swimming Pools: Adding a Beach Entry

Is a beach entry suitable for my pool?

One of the most stunning pool features is a beach entry, but will this option benefit your design? When deciding if a beach entry is a good choice, it is recommended to look at any potential drawbacks that come with this addition.

What is a beach entry?

A beach entry, also known as a zero entry, replaces steps in your pool entry. A slope starting at deck level mimics the gradual deepening of an ocean or lake. The deck level is usually minimally submerged with some being completely dry.

The width of the beach entry is usually the width of the pool, though this can be customized. It looks cool, but it’s also functional. A beach entry helps everyone ease into the deeper water gently.

Building a beach entry

If you’re considering a beach entry, factors like aesthetics and building code compliance should be incorporated into your overall pool design. For example, consider using some kind of visual marker to help swimmers know where the slope begins. Stone markers or planters can indicate the shallow area. Fountains are helpful when indicating the depth of a pool. A good contractor will advise you on what works best for your pool style.

For the entry area, you’ll probably need to use a material different from that which lines your pool. The wet-dry aspect of beach entries makes it so your pebble, quartz, or plaster finish may deteriorate. Natural flagstone is an excellent substitute. Another option is non-skid ceramic tile, though this option require extensive experience. If you’re going for an all wet entry way you can stick with the material that lines your pool, whether it’s pebble, quartz or plaster.

Beach entry benefits

Elderly, children, disabled persons, and pets all enjoy the benefits of a beach entry. A lack of steps makes it easy for everyone to get in and out of the water without much exertion. Kids and pets can splash and play in the safe, shallow water. Younger children often find the gradual slope of a beach entry to be less daunting than pool steps. Plus, anyone who may be extra sensitive to water temperature will enjoy the ability to submerge gradually.

Other things to consider

Many variables go into being able to accommodate a beach entry customization. Like, will your pool dimensions allow it? A proper slope takes up a good length of the pool. (Though this, as always, can usually be modified.)

Also, what will you be using your pool for? If you like to dive, a beach entry may require you to lengthen your pool. If you’re more of a sunbather, we suggest opting for a tanning shelf instead. It won’t take up as much space. A typical price for an add-on like this is $3,000-$7,000, so make sure it’s suitable for you needs when calculating pool costs.

And remember, Premier Pools and Spas can help you figure out if a beach entry is suitable for your design and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to call today!

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