Once winter is over, and the weather starts to warm up that is a great indication that it is almost time to open your pool for the summer! Sometimes pool owners can get really eager and open their swimming pool too early, so make sure you know when the perfect time to open your pool for the summer is. After opening your swimming pool, you will encounter pool maintenance duties as well! Keep reading to learn when the best time to open your pool is.

When is the Best time to Open your Pool after Winter 1

Open your Pool!

In most cases, homeowners don’t even close their pools for the winter, especially if they live in warm climate places. Keeping your swimming pool open all year round is actually preferred in the pool service industry because it will save you on repair costs if you closed your swimming incorrectly in the winter. If you are a pool owner that keeps their swimming pool open all year round then just remember to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance and you are ready for the summer season.

However, if you are a homeowner in a colder climate that needs to close and open your swimming pool due to the weather, you are in the right place! Opening your swimming pool for the summer can be exciting and also a bit a work. You will definitely need a whole day set aside for the tasks we are going to cover. Simple answer to when the best time to open your pool is when the temperature outside reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit consistently for three to four days.

Pool AlgaeHave Green Pool Water?

When you close your swimming pool you should always put in an extra dose of algaeicide before closing it up for the season. If not, you can end up with a green pool at the beginning of summer. Don’t fret, a green pool is not the end of the world, but we are going to have to put a little more elbow grease in when opening the pool for the summer.

A green pool indicates the water is no longer properly balanced and it has been stagnate for too long. Cleaning algae out of your swimming pool is a simple task, but you will need a few days of maintenance before any one is able to go swimming.

When is the Best time to Open your Pool after Winter 2Contact Premier Pool Service of NE Dallas

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