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Concrete Pool Deck Colors & Styles

Concrete Pool Deck Colors and Styles

A simple and cost-effective way to enhance the look of your backyard is by adding a concrete pool deck with color and style that matches your décor or theme. Pool deck colors can be combined with other decorative treatments like stenciling and stamping, and can give your pool more distinction.

Concrete pool deck colors can be added via dry-shake, integral color, custom art, or chemical staining. These pool deck color methods let you select a hue that best complements your landscape, home, or even your swimming pool tile.

Here we share some great design options for concrete pool deck colors,  to help you determine the best choice for your pool and backyard environment.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are always in style. Terra cotta, tan, shades of brown, and other earthy colors create a serine pool deck style.

These concrete pool deck colors can blend exquisitely with your backyard landscape as well as perfectly complement your home exterior.

A rustic, warm color scheme is perfect if you want to give your pool a natural appearance.

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Gray and Blue Color Tones

A single-tone concrete deck in any shade of gray can look overly simplistic. But adding accents of darker gray tones like charcoal or pewter can transform the look.

Such additions give the rich appearance of weathered or slate flagstone, but a concrete deck is much more affordable than flagstone.

To add an appearance of more volume to your deck, add a touch of blue. This looks similar to gray-blue river rock, which creates a soothing and relaxing environment.

Beige and Sandy White Combination

Tones of beige and white are popular choices for concrete pool deck colors. These tones evoke the feeling of a sandy beach and make a swimming pool stand out.

This concrete deck color combo has an additional benefit. These shades reflect strong sunlight and help maintain cooler temperatures.

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Different Coloring Techniques

In order to achieve the desired concrete pool deck color, various coloring techniques may be utilized:

Chemical or Acid Stains

Chemical or acid stains are affordable yet versatile coloring techniques for both existing and new concrete pool decks. To add bolder accents or decorative touches, these stains can also be applied manually.

Acid stains, when mixed with concrete, undergo chemical reactions that create natural color shades.

Integral Coloring

Exterior concrete decks can fade over time due to weather or sun exposure. A great way to enhance their appearance and offer them long-lasting protection from damage is using integral color mixes.

This coloring technique is also useful to create a backdrop for antiquing or contrasting accents.

Water-Based Coloring

Water-based pigments and acrylic polymers penetrate into concrete and result in permanent, long-lasting color. This coloring technique offers a much wider spectrum of shades and many colors to choose from.

Dry Color Hardeners

This concrete pool deck color technique is perfect for stamped concrete pool decks. That’s because they create realistic and natural color variations similar to stone. With this technique, the colors are concentrated at the deck surface, giving a more intense look.

These are some amazing options for concrete pool deck colors that add can add pizzazz and personality to your swimming pool.

Need help with choosing concrete pool deck colors, tiles, or designs? Looking to build a new pool or remodel an existing pool? Contact Premier Pools & Spas today for a free quote!

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