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Take Root: 11 Best Plants for Around the Pool

11 Best Plants for Around the Pool

Having a swimming pool in a property is a major boon, especially during those hot summer months. Your pool is more than an incredible place to relax and cool down. It’s more than that place you spend your lazy days. It plays a major role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your property so it would add great value if you turned it into a tropical paradise.

Adding plants around your pool can make you feel like you live at a fancy resort every time you take a dip. For starters, a pool is usually located at the sunniest part of the property, and the deck is bound to accumulate heat. If you own a heated pool, the humidity levels will be high, which is not suitable for plants.

The reflective surface of the pool also intensifies sunlight and chlorine or other chemicals in the water can damage the plants if splashed on them. Not to worry though, there are certain plants that can take these conditions and thrive.

If you have been considering dressing your pool, here is a list of 11 of the best plants for around the pool and how exotic they can make your property look.

1. Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paws are brightly colored plants that come in various colors, including pink, yellow, and purple. They get their name from the blossoms that have a striking resemblance to the paws of a kangaroo. They are an incredible pool addition and they grow about 2 to 3 feet high.

One of the best things about this plant is how low maintenance it is, so taking care of it is pretty easy. The next best thing is that they will bloom all summer long, leaving your pool area looking magnificent, colorful, and beautiful, regardless of your pool trend.

2. Hawaiian Hibiscus

If you want elegance surrounding your pool, these are the perfect plants. They are gorgeous with bright blooms and they tolerate summer heat. What you may like about these plants is the fact that they are available in numerous varieties to pick from, including white wings and the Kona Princess, which are very pretty.

The blooms are also fragrant and will keep your pool area smelling incredible all through summer. These are tropical plants that you plant in pots if you prefer to move them around.

3. Ground Cover Plants

The creeping jenny spreads on the ground and could create a very appealing ground color for your landscaping. It has a nice lush light green color and when it blooms, it gets pink buds that add a beautiful splash of color that is nothing short of magnificent. If well taken care of, it thrives very well around a pool and if you pair it with some succulents, shrubs and palm trees, you’ll have a gorgeous oasis.

The best part is that it requires little maintenance though you may have to trim it back once it creeps too far. Ornamental sweet potato vines are also ground cover plants that are easy to grow and maintain. You could plant them in pots or trellis, and they will do great.

If you want groundcover plants, they are an excellent choice and they come in various colors that go from a rich plum and bright green to choose from. They will offer you a semi-tropical vibe and you can mix them well with other plants.

4. Angel’s Trumpet Plant

Beautiful flowers are a must have for your pool, and angel’s trumpets are some of the best. They look exactly like their name suggests; trumpets. The plants are eerie-looking and they produce white blossoms that are well known for their pleasant fragrance.

With just the slightest wind, you can have the fragrance all around the pool area, which you’ll definitely like. They are a low maintenance plant that anyone can grow so don’t worry if you don’t possess a green thumb.

5. Succulents

Most homeowners use succulents inside their homes, but what they may not know if they do very well around a pool. First, they are low maintenance, they are pretty and combined with different colors and varieties, they can give an area an aesthetic appeal and leave an aura of beauty in their wake.

Large succulents like Yucca or Crassula that come with a rich green color can do very well for a pool area. If you have some bare areas, you can fill them up with brighter succulents like sedum or aeonium because they offer an intricate beauty that will add a nice touch to the landscaping.

6. Vines

Vines can add some privacy to your pool area if that’s what you are looking for. Most of them are very tolerant of chlorine so pool water will not leave any damages. Vines spread pretty easy, either on walls or trails and they have such a lush green that they look pretty regardless of their location.

7. Palm and Banana Trees

Trees are the essence of a compound and palm trees will specifically add that paradise look to your pool area. There is something about palm trees that has a calming effect and makes you feel as if you are at a resort having a good time. You may think that they don’t do well in cold weather, given that they are tropical, but the right variety will do very well.

California palm tree, Windmill palm tree, and Mediterranean palm tree are some of the best for your pool area. However, you’ll have to get them from a specialty store, though the tropical ambiance will be well worth any trouble. You can actually reduce your landscaping costs by hiring professionals.

Banana trees are also tropical and they do quite well in the heat. Their beauty lies in their giant leaves that are perfect to create a shade. They will also set an ambiance, given the tropical look they give and their greenery will add a classic look to the environment.

Taking care of tropical plants is quite easy and these will last a very long time. They grow very tall though and you may want to plant them in an area where shade is needed, like close to a fence.

8. Elephant Ear

With gorgeous heart-shaped leaves, the elephant ear plant is not only attractive but the lush foliage that does well around a pool. It grows about 2 feet long and they feature long slender stalks. It’s actually a very neat plant that will create a primordial jungle around the area you plant it.

One good thing about it is that it grows well in the sun and they are pretty easy to grow. The only maintenance you need to do is cut the stalks after fall.

9. Tasmanian Tree Ferns

Any type of fern will leave an incredible look in your pool area, but this fern tree is pretty impressive. It features a fibrous trunk that eventually develops up to 10 feet long with fronds measuring up to 6 feet or more. These are more suitable in large pots because you’ll need to bring them indoors during the colder months.

You may need to clip off some of the dead fronds on occasion so some gardening tips will come in handy, but other than that, they are very low maintenance.

10. Aucuba

If you are looking to have an evergreen shrub that will not let you down, this is it. The plant develops oval-shaped leaves, and very large ones at that, in a very deep green flecked with yellow spots. They are shade tolerant, but they can also take full sun during mild climates.

Unlike most lush plants, they have low irrigation requirements and they are maintenance free until you want to prune for shape and size.

11. Canna and Fortnight Lilies

Canna lilies have bright blossoms that come in a variety of warm colors combined. The foliage is not only lush but oval-shaped and beautiful to look at. One of the best things about it is that they don’t litter and with regular water, they blossom with ease. Regardless of your pool design, these will fit perfectly.

If you’d like a plant that blooms all year round, the fortnight lily would make a great choice. It has gorgeous white blossoms that will pair quite well with the blue of your pool. They grow as long as three feet tall and they come with such nice shaded blades that give a good look.

Best Plants Around Pool Choices

The right plants or foliage will transform your pool area into a lush, soothing oasis. Pool landscaping, however, can be quite tricky because there are a lot of things to factor in. The plants you choose not only need to align with your style, but they need to have the ability to withstand the harsh conditions surrounding a pool.

The most important aspect of the whole ideal is doing some research on what kind of plants will do well in your area. All these will so very well around a pool area, but the climate may affect some of them. Choose the plants that go well with your overall aesthetic appeal so you can enhance it.

If you’re ever in need of a pool or need maintenance, be sure to contact us to assist you.

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