Gunite Pools Pros And Cons

So you’ve decided to install a gunite pool in your Gulf Coast backyard, great! Before you start choosing pool volleyball sets or inflatable beds you might want to think about gunite pools pros and cons

If you’re installing a swimming pool in your outdoor space, there are lots of types to decide on. Gunite pools are common since they are they can take almost any shape and are highly durable.

Gunite is a concrete mixture of cement, sand, and water that is applied via a high-pressure hose. As soon as it dries, gunite gets rock hard, creating a solid, thick structure. It is very durable, so pools created from this material usually last for long.

Gunite Pools Pros And Cons

Pros of gunite pools

  • Greater return on your investment: These pools need less maintenance and are perfect choices for homeowners seeking to update their properties. This type of pool lasts for a longer time because of its durability, which makes it a good investment on your property, since it reduces future expenses.
  • A Solid foundation: A gunite pool is perfect because of its amazing design versatility. These pools last the longest of all inground pools and often feature the best warranties. Gunite pools do not need wooden frameworks to hold the shape, so building is simpler than standard concrete. The pools can put up with lots of pressure and stress. This ensures protection of your property and backyard oasis from damage.
  • Easy to customize designs: Our professionals can build gunite pools to suit an array of pool designs. Furthermore, gunite can maintain their durability and shape over time because of the steel framework, which is used together with this material.
  • Limitless versatility: Gunite pools are available in any size or shape. This decreases the effect on the landscape by letting you build a shape, which fits within your current space. Their design and construction occurs on site, so the design choices are limitless.

Cons of gunite pools

  • Pool draining can be hazardous: Because of the product’s nature, it’s important to use care when draining this pool. If the groundwater (water table) is high, a gunite pool can be raised off the ground, leading to considerable damage, if it’s not drained the right way.
  • Annual maintenance is high: Since the surface of gunite pools is porous, it’s important to use additional chemicals and maintenance to prevent algae. The pool shell’s pH and alkaline also regularly raises the water’s pH, needing the regular adding of acid to neutralize this effect.
  • Installation time: It will take approximately 2 to 3 months or more to construct gunite pools from scratch.

Ready For Your Own Pool?

With flexibility and resilience, gunite pools offer unbeatable value. It’s important that you consider Gunite pools pros and cons to weigh your options. If your primary concern is durability, gunite may be the best choice. Do not wait for the summer season to consider building your own Gulf Coast backyard pool, get rolling now. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast to know why a gunite pool is good for you!

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