If you are looking for cool in-ground pool ideas, this article offers just what you may need. There are different types of terrific in-ground pools, such as infinity, indoor, covered, and custom-shaped. Let’s talk about some cool in-ground pool ideas.

  1. Regular

A regular pool refers to a standard, average-sized in-ground swimming pool. Although regular pools are quite common, infinity pools are also quite popular.

  1. Infinity

An infinity pool is called an infinity pool because it looks like as if the edge of the pool disappears over a cliff. This design is quite popular these days.

Dream pool

  1. Lap pool

Lap pools are thin, long and have a rectangular shape. Although these pools are not common, they are ideal for people who want to swim in the pool for exercise. A regular pool can also be used as a common pool.

  1. Zero-entry (beach entry)

Although zero-entry pools are not common, they are a good choice for young kids. /This pool type features a beach or lake style entry.

  1. Swim Spa (Spool)

These small pools can be heated up higher than other common pools, and can be used as a hot tub.

pool landscaping ideas

  1. Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a small pool designed for small courtyards and backyards.

  1. Exercise pool

As the name suggests, an exercise pool is an endless pool that pushes the water against you so you can swim without moving forward. There is no need to flip around over and over again.

  1. In-door

An indoor pole works well in a colder climate. However, the downside is that the pool may not be as entertaining in summer.

  1. Screened-in

If you live in an area with tons of bugs and other insects, you may consider a screened-in pool. This type of pools are quite common in Florida.

  1. Salt-water

Pool water is cleaned with special chemicals, such as chlorine. If you don’t to use chemicals to clean your pool water, you may consider a salt-water pool.

the Hamptons pool buildersCool in-ground pool ideas: Common Pool Materials


  1. Concrete

Nowadays, concrete is one of the most popular in-ground pool material. After a large hole is dug in the ground, a lot of concrete is poured in to lay the foundation for a pool. For custom shapes, concrete is the most suitable option.

  1. Fiberglass

Typically, a fiberglass pool is a pre-made pool ready to install at your property. This type of pool is like a bathtub. A major of advantage of this pool type is that it’s easy to install, requires little maintenance and stands the test of time. The downside is that there is not lots of shapes to choose from.

  1. Vinyl-Liner

A vinyl-liner pool features a lot of panel walls that the installers assemble on site. Typically, this type of pool is placed on a solid, concrete foundation. If you are looking for a least expensive, custom-shaped in-ground pool, opt for a vinyl-liner pool.

  1. Shipping Container Pool

As the name suggests, a container pool is made with big containers. They can be designed as an above-ground or in-ground pool. They cost less than fiber-glass or concrete pools and use heat in an efficient manner.

So, these are some cool in-ground pool ideas for your swimming pool.

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