Dallas homeowners understand the importance of pool care and making sure their pool is clean and sparkling. In this article, we are going to give you a refresher education pool care information article so you can keep your pool beautiful this season.

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Pool Care Need to Knows

Balancing your water is important. Total alkalinity aka Ta is a measure of the total amount of dissolved particles that has a pH higher than 7.0. TA should be kept at 80-120 ppm or plaster can etch, metals can corrode and your pool surfaces can stain.

Use bromine in the swimming pool or hot tub to sanitize the water. This is an inexpensive way to effectively kill contaminants. Chlorine is the most common chemical that is used for pool sanitizing. You can find it in liquid, granular or tablet form.

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Make sure to keep your deck cleaned regularly and use disinfectant to kill bacteria and reduce slipperiness. Most decks can be cleaned with a pressure washer.

If you are worried about maintaining your pool costing you a great deal of energy, pool maintenance doesn’t have to break the bank. You can choose to run your filtration system during off-peak hours when electricity isn’t in high demand. You may also want to only run your water through your filter one time per day to conserve energy.

Swimming pool filters remove dirt and debris from the water. You will find there are three types of filters. Those three types are cartridge, sand and DE filters. Depending on where you are located, the size of the pool and the type of pool you have.

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Pool Care – Test Your Pool

To make sure your pool care routine is giving you the results you want, you need to make sure you test your pool. Testing your pool will enable you to see exactly where the water needs to be treated so you are able to give it the attention it needs. If you do not have your chemicals right in your pool, you may cause troubles with your system.

If you aren’t sure how to test your pool properly, you can take a sample of your pool water to a pool store and allow them to test it. Oftentimes they are more than happy to test it for you for free. Of course, they may try to sell you the chemicals you need for your pool.

Keeping up with your pool maintenance will help you in the long run and will give your pool a long lifetime of swimming fun. If you do not feel like taking care of your pool by yourself, you can contact a pool service to help bear some of the load.

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