You have a lot of options to add a shade to your Dallas house pool backyard. In this article, we will give you amazing ideas whether you need a full pool house or a shaded area for your guests.

In fact, patios and porches allow you to enjoy the sun in summer but still stay safe from the intense heat. You can install umbrellas, pavilions or pergolas, for instance. Based on your budget and choice, you can opt for the right choice. Given below are a few ideas to keep this summer cool and shade your backyard. Read on.

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  1. Umbrella

If you are on a budget, you can opt or an umbrella for shading your backyard. As a matter of fact, installing umbrellas is the easiest way of adding shade in your Dallas house pool backyard.

An umbrella will do the job if you want to cover your lounge chairs, seating areas, or outdoor tables. You can find decorative umbrellas in a number of sizes, shapes and colors. Moreover, they are made with different materials. Therefore, you might want to opt for the right one to meet your needs in summer.

  1. Curtains

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Another great way to add shade in your backyard is to add curtains to your deck or patio structures. However, if you can’t afford to buy expensive curtains, you can make your own curtains by following a DIY approach. All you need to get is a few grommet kits and canvas tarps.

  1. Pergola

By installing a pergola, you can define your backyard space, create shade and enjoy privacy at the same time. Actually, a pergola is a type of freestanding feature in any garden that creates a sitting area of walkway with four pillars or posts that provide support for a roof-like thing on top.

It’s better to hire the services of a professional to make a pergola for you but if you are tight on budget, a DIY approach can always help.

  1. Shade Sail

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A shade sail is another great way of adding shade to your house backyard. Just like a ship sail, this type of shade sail works like a partial canopy to shade your pool or reading chair.

If you don’t need a permanent shade sail for your backyard, you can opt for a DIY shade sail that will cost a fraction of the price of a ready-made shade sail. All you need to do is hang a fabric over your desired area in Dallas house pool backyard.

  1. Pavilion

Building a pavilion is another great way to create a shaded area in your house backyard. Typically, The freestanding structure lies a few meters away from the house and is used as a luxurious area. Aside from protection from the sun, the pavilion will allow you to add an entertainment center, fireplace and kitchen as well.

So, these are ways to add shade to your Dallas house pool backyard.

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