Gunite vs. Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Swimming Pools

You’ve chosen a terrific time to build a pool.

Looking for some advice on which type of pool to select? You have come to the right place as the best in-ground pool is chosen among gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pools.

While each pool: gunite vs fiberglass vs vinyl has different reasons to build, here’s an unbiased view to dispel any confusion.

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Gunite vs. Fiberglass vs. Vinyl In-Ground Pools

An in-ground pool type is the most popular build in the American backyard. When you look at a public pool or a commercial pool at a community fitness center, then it is most likely an in-ground pool, too.

Depending on your pool habits, lifestyle, budget, and the space in your backyard, choose the perfect pool type for you.

Gunite Pool BuildersGunite SwimmingPools

The gunite material, a mixture of cement and sand, is considered the highest quality material by pool lovers. You can achieve any swimming pool shape and size with gunite.

Construction Process

Gunite pools are constructed entirely on the site. First, the site is excavated in the desired design, and then the pool builders shoot gunite through a high-pressure nozzle and allow it to cure. This hardened gunite, applied over reinforced steel bars, later becomes the pool shell.


From a classic pool design or vanishing edge to a geometrical or natural-looking freeform pool, gunite can achieve it all. Any plan that your pool builder can sketch, from beach entries to tanning ledges, customization is possible. This advantage is also one of the primary reasons why the material is preferred for building commercial pools around the country.


With proper maintenance, gunite pools can last for decades without any major renovations or repairs. When built correctly, these are the most robust and long-lasting of the lot. Besides, in their lifetime, you can get them remodeled multiple times to suit your changes tastes and practically get a new pool every time.

History of Gunite Pools

  • Debuted in the early 1900s
  • Iconic multi-radius designs
  • Affordable pools for suburban homes
  • Roman and Grecian pool designs remain remarkably popular to date
  • Original applications: Repair of battle-damaged structures post the Second World War

Surface Finish

There are several interior finish options to choose from, ranging from river pebble aggregates to epoxy paint finishes. Or, you can make the pool water look sparkly and clear with glass tiles. You can create a seamless transition with the pool entrance and the surrounding deck and landscape. However, the surface may be abrasive to the skin.

Visual Appeal

There is no limit to the design aspect of the gunite pool building. These pools are versatile enough to transform your backyard into your own paradise. With curved or intricate, flowy shapes, gunite poolscapes offer elegance and visually pleasing sights. From tropical oasis to a soothing Zen Garden-style landscape, you can build a pool to suit any theme you can imagine.


When you compare gunite vs fiberglass vs vinyl, gunite pools are the ones that require the most maintenance. You will need to brush your pool regularly to prevent the buildup of algae. The surface may also need to be etched with acid washing.

Initial Costs

While adding custom features raises your initial costs, you can save on delivery charges as gunite pools are wholly constructed on the site. They are more expensive than vinyl pool types.

Lifetime Costs

You may have to resurface gunite pools every ten years. Repairing the cracks (if any) or retiling also adds up to the lifetime costs. You should also be careful with the chemical composition in the pool, especially with saltwater pools, because the metals used in installation may get affected due to the alkaloids present in the chemicals.

Features and Add-Ons

Whether you want to build a pool to get more exercise or to create a cozy private nook in your backyard, you can do so with this material. Custom pool features like scuppers, waterfalls, or fire elements give your gunite pool a dreamy and fantastical charm that is ideal for romantic staycations or even fun BBQ parties.

Installation Time

Gunite pools take the longest installation time – it could be two to thre