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Gunite Pools

Concrete pools are favored for their aesthetic appeal, design flexibility, and the potential to enhance property value, accommodating features like waterfalls and spas. Their resilience and potential for customization make them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a personalized and enduring outdoor oasis.

Gunite Pool
Gunite Pool
Gunite Pool
Gunite Pools by Premier Pools & Spas
Gunite Pool

Pros & Cons of Gunite Pools

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Pros & Cons Gunite Pools

Durable & Reliable

Gunite pools are highly durable and long-lasting. This material is perceived to be of the highest quality and can be remodeled multiple times in a pool’s lifetime.

Gunite Pools by Premier Pools & Spas
Pros & Cons Gunite Pools

High Level of Customization

Regardless of the size and shape of your backyard, you can choose beautiful pool designs and themes. Whether it is soft curves or a modern silhouette with sharp angles.

Gunite Pools by Premier Pools & Spas
Pros & Cons Gunite Pools

Unique Finishes

Gunite pools are distinguished by their unique finishes, which offer a wide range of aesthetic options not typically found in fiberglass pools. These finishes, such as pebble, tile, and quartz, each finish provides its own appeal that can complement any backyard setting.

Gunite Pools by Premier Pools & Spas
Pros & Cons of Gunite Pools

Longer Build Time

Although we build gunite pools quickly, they require many more steps than fiberglass pools. This means installing a gunite pool can be a longer process than other options.

Gunite Pool Building Process

Gunite Pool Building Process

Gunite pools offer a unique and durable option that allows you to customize your pool to your exact specifications. Gunite pools are constructed with a combination of concrete, sand, and water, creating a mixture that is sprayed onto a steel-reinforced frame. This application allows for a variety of shapes and sizes, and provides a long-lasting, durable pool surface.

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  • Utility Mark-Out

    Underground lines of utilities like water, power, and gas are marked out.

  • Pool Layout

    We discuss the pool install with the homeowner and finalize the pool layout.

  • Dig Day

    We dig the site and fit a stone bed to add strength and support to the gunite swimming pool.

  • Steel Installation

    The structural reinforcement is placed over bricks & the entire dup-up site acts as a skeleton to the pool.

  • Plumbing

    For a more energy-efficient pool, we use plumbing lines that are larger than average. Then, we add electrical wiring.

  • Gunite Shells

    The gunite pool shell is sprayed onto the steel reinforcement.

  • Tile & Coping

    We add the perimeter tile, coping over the gunite bond beam, and decking around the pool.

  • Equipment

    Pool circulation, heating, and filtration equipment is added to the concrete pool.

  • Plaster

    The last step is to apply a waterproof pool interior finish and finalizing the landscape design.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a gunite pool?

The base for gunite can be boiled down to three ingredients – sand, cement, and water. This mixture is melded with various amounts of liquid and sprayed into place through a hose system onto the pool frame’s rebar.

How long does it take to build a gunite pool?

Keep in mind that the duration of any gunite pool construction project can vary according to factors including pool size, complexity, location, time of year, and more. Curious about how long your future pool would take? Reach out to one of our builders specializing in gunite pools to determine an estimated build time.

Why should I consider a gunite pool?

Gunite, a mixture of cement, sand, and water, is highly durable and versatile, allowing for various shapes and designs. Gunite pools are customizable, providing flexibility in size, depth, and features to suit your preferences. Additionally, they offer long-term durability, resisting cracks and structural issues better than other pool types.

What is the difference between gunite & shotcrete?

The major distinction between shotcrete and gunite is that with the former, the concrete mixture is already blended with water before application; it just solidifies when it touches the ground. In contrast, gunite is a plaster-like mix that only combines with water once it’s sprayed from the application hose.

Can a gunite pool be salt water?

Yes, gunite pools are safe to use with saltwater.

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