Pool Fire Features: Creating Exotic and Glamorous Outdoor Spaces With Style

When you’re a fan of all things pretty, fancy, and generally extravagant, why not take it into your outdoor space, too?

One of the best things about the arrival of spring and summer is to spend time with friends and family next to your pool. And what’s better than accessorizing it into your own backyard luxury retreat.

The introduction of modern and unique backyard elements such as pool fire features, fire bowls, grills, and pool lighting remain high in demand.

The combination of fire and water elements add a surreal, magical charm to your swimming pool landscape – and blurs the line from the inside and the outside. Whether you want a high-end resort appearance or a campsite feel to your pool, fire features with its hypnotic, spiraling gas flames add interest to any landscape.

Premier Pools & Spas is your reliable partner that builds stunning aquatic designs replete with custom fire features and more. Whether gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass pools – we are armed with eager inspiration to incorporate opulently landscaped features into your backyard. Building custom swimming pools since 1988, we have claimed the top spots for the best pool builders in America multiple years in a row.

Pool Fire FeaturesCustom Pool Fire Features for Your Backyard

Fire elements that accompany your pool can be decorative and functional as well.

Fire Bowls

One of the most popular pool fire features that adds understated accents by setting the night ablaze is the fire bowl. You can choose from handcrafted metal, copper, or concrete fire bowls.

Monitor the flame on a handheld remote or even your smartphone. Enjoy the exotic ambiance without moving from your spot. Create spectacular displays that brighten the pool and surroundings.

Fire & Water Bowls

Combine mesmerizing water features with a warm glow of the firewalls along the pool perimeter. Or, if you have a sloping yard and need a retainer wall, you can choose these impressive pool additions.

This hottest trend blends the luxurious touch of pool fire bowls with the relaxing sounds of water. Achieve a fantastic dynamic by adding a hidden fire bowl behind a rain curtain or a grotto waterfall feature.

Fire Candeleres

Illuminate your artfully designed pool with a natural glow from the fire candeleres. Available in energy-efficient LED options, this outdoor decorative fire feature creates a romantic setting in your backyard any given day.

They add dimension and elevation when placed beside a cascading waterfall. Create tired-effects within a simple pool landscape by adding fire candeleres along the walls, patio, and walkways.

Pool Fire Features: Things to Know

  • Fire pits: Lava rocks, washable fire glass, and beads
  • Blazing flames: Tiki torches, lanterns, and fire troughs
  • Fireplaces: Gel fuel, propane, natural gas, and wood-burning
  • Fire & water combo: Scuppers, sheer descents, and fountains
  • Poolside lighting: Fire columns, walls, and lamps

Backyard Fire Pit

Fire Pits

More relaxed and serene than a fireplace, fire pits are one of the most casual decorative pieces. They offer an outdoor space vibe to any living area.

By marvelously complementing the brilliance of water, they provide the perfect ambiance to entertain your friends. The crowd-favorite way to incorporate is to add fire features near a waterfall or strategically place them between deck jets.


When you host a dinner party, what better than to take the drinks or dessert by the poolside fire? Gathering around the fireplace and making campfire s’mores are some of the most cherished memories for one and all.

Heat your space with an outdoor fire and extend your pool season through the winter. Concrete fireplace designs are highly-customizable, and you can use automated inserts to keep the light going.

Fire Tables

Nothing beats the excitement you feel when you are surrounded by your loved ones, cozying up around a fire on summer nights. A fire table is similar to a fire pit in that sense, but it has low seats like a coffee table – although i