Accentuate Your Landscape with Enchanting Pool Water Features

Making your beautiful pool more exciting is possible by adding innovative pool water features.

From curved slides that are massive hits among kids, to the dramatic fountain that stands tall and proud, water features can be great stressbusters. Just looking at them can be endearing, and you come away feeling refreshed.

Premier Pools & Spas is a national pool builder that has been delighting homeowners for over thirty years. Building captivating pools with custom water features and luxury additions is our forte, which is the reason we rank among the best in the U.S. pool industry.

Pristine Pool Water Features for American Backyards

Trying to escape from the daily commotion and into a serene backdrop? Then try adding these water features to your pool:

Swimming Pool WaterfallWaterfalls

While reclining on the Baja shelf on a lazy afternoon is bewitching, adding another relaxed water feature to the pool elevates your experience. Naturalistic waterfall designs have always been the favorite for pool enthusiasts. You can accomplish the “cabin in the wild” vibe with faux rock waterfalls over boulders. Capture your fantasy with a cascading waterfall to give the water a dynamic elegance.


Scuppers are like narrow showers attached to a pool wall at a low height. Water flows through slots assigned to a wall or pedestal and into the pool. Along with enhancing the visual aesthetics, scuppers can become the focal points for your pool that set a tranquil atmosphere.


Fountains take the forms of any shape and size, from the traditional statuary fountains to the contemporary designs. They also come with their own operating levels ranging from simple to complex.

Pool Water Features

Deck Jets

Deck jets are fountain features that have been in vogue for many years. With a tiny opening, they shoot water in an arc into your pool. Based on the pool design, you can place them on the deck or the wall.

Laminar Jets

Likewise, laminar jets are another type of gorgeous pool features that shoot a narrow stream of water into the pool. They are mostly installed in commercial pools for water shows. Even for residential pools, laminar jets provide unique breath-taking imagery at nights when combined with colorful LED lights.


Bubblers, unlike their elaborate counterparts, are fountain features that have channels like in a natural spring. Subtle, yet fascinating, these pool water features can be fitted to a spa or in the wading pool, too.

Pool Water Features

Sheer Descents

Sheer descent is a kind of a waterfall but with more panache. These slopes form linear arcs of water that project away from the source with liveliness. These pool water features create a glass-like, see-through appearance, a