Vinyl Pools

The only type of pool that offers the ease of installation similar to fiberglass – and the customization edge of gunite – is the vinyl liner pool. Vinyl pools are budget-friendly, and building a vinyl pool it takes no longer than 4-8 weeks on average. While a vast majority of these pools are rectangular, you have unlimited options in designs, shapes, and sizes.

Inground Vinyl Pools

Let’s explore the main reasons to choose a vinyl pool.

Smooth & Algae-Resistant Surface

A vinyl pool interior surface is smooth all over, except where it is tucked under the coping and where two pieces of material meet. The liner, being non-porous, resists algae growth.

Choice of Customization

Vinyl swimming pools are not restricted to standard molds, like fiberglass. You can fit a geometric pool into your backyard perimeter, a beautiful freeform design like a tropical beach look, or even an irregular natural water reserve.

Low Initial Costs

Building a vinyl liner pool is a pocket-friendly project; even the custom designs cost less than gunite or fiberglass pools. The installation completes much faster than concrete, and when the liner is replaced, you’ll get a pool that looks brand new.

No Cracking or Need for Re-Plastering

Since the materials involved in building a vinyl pool are all very flexible, the pool does not crack. Likewise, you do not need to re-plaster or repaint it. The liners, however, need to be replaced around every seven to ten years.

Vinyl Pool Building Process

Vinyl Pool Building Process

Choosing to build vinyl pools means installing a custom-made vinyl liner sheet onto a pool wall structure and erecting it using galvanized steel or thermoplastic panels. With the added flexibility offered by steel walls, a vinyl pool is an excellent addition to your backyard.

A vinyl pool floor rests on a sand or cement bottom, whereas the walls are supported around the pool perimeter from behind. This is so that it does not bow out or buckle against the water. Let’s explore the process of building a vinyl pool.

Step 1: Excavation

We excavate the site, remove the dirt, and verify the vinyl pool elevation.

Step 2: Pool Wall Panels

The vinyl pool walls are installed with galvanized steel, wood, concrete, or polymer material.

Step 3: Concrete & Plumbing

We run the plumbing lines and pour concrete footing (about eight inches deep) around the pool.

Step 4: Pump & Filter

The main drains, plumbing, and pool equipment are set up.

Step 5: Base & Backfill

We trowel the base material mix and lay down the pool bottom over the exposed earth on which the liner rests. Next, we install the coping and backfill the pool.

Step 6: Vinyl Liner Installation

The liner bead is inserted into the wall panel-mounted track, upon which it snaps into place. The vinyl liner is vacuumed carefully to prevent air leaks.

Step 7: Filling the Pool

Water is filled, and the automatic pool cover is installed.

Step 8: Deck Installation

Concrete is poured around the pool for stamped or stone patio. We then install the permanent fence and pool landscaping.

Step 9: Water Chemistry

Before we start your pool, we check and balance the pool water chemistry and then run the filtration system.

What to consider while building a vinyl pool.

Here are some aspects to consider while building your vinyl liner pool.

Liner Replacements

Vinyl swimming pools need regular maintenance and inspections to stay in shape. Upon that, the pool may require five to six replacements in its lifetime. If you happen to find small tears, you can fix it quickly using patching glue.

Wrinkles with Time

In high water table areas, the liner seems to be floating when there is excess groundwater. When the groundwater recedes, it creates lines, and removing them is a time-consuming process. Keep in mind: You cannot drain the pool entirely without the liner becoming brittle.

The Right Thickness


The vinyl liner thickness directly impacts the pool’s longevity, and hence, you should get a thicker material that is puncture and tear-resistant. Unlike non-embossed liners that have a uniform thickness, embossed ones have an uneven thickness and feel squishier.

Vinyl Pool Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vinyl pool?

A vinyl pool is a type of swimming pool constructed with a vinyl liner. The liner is a flexible, waterproof material that holds the water in the pool and provides a smooth surface for swimming.

Can you repair a vinyl pool liner if it gets damaged?

Yes, vinyl pool liners can be repaired if they get damaged. Small tears or holes can often be patched using vinyl repair kits. However, larger or more severe damage may require replacing the entire liner.

Can you customize the shape and size of a vinyl pool?

Yes, vinyl pools offer a good degree of customization in terms of shape and size. They can be designed to fit various backyard spaces and can be built in different shapes, including rectangular, oval, kidney-shaped, and more.

Are vinyl pool liners smooth to touch?

Yes, vinyl pool liners are generally smooth to the touch, providing a comfortable swimming experience. The smooth surface of the liner reduces the risk of abrasions or scratches while swimming.

Can you install a vinyl pool yourself, or is professional installation necessary?

It is recommended to hire a professional for the installation of a vinyl liner pool. Proper installation requires knowledge and experience to ensure the pool is level, the liner is properly fitted, and the plumbing and filtration systems are correctly installed.

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