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  • Gunite Pools

  • Fiberglass Pools

  • Pool Remodels

  • Commercial Pools

  • Residential Pools

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Gastonia Pool Builders – Premier Pools & Spas

Are you searching for a trustworthy and skilled gunite or fiberglass pool builder in Gastonia? Look no further! With our expertise in crafting custom gunite and fiberglass pools, backed by years of experience in the industry, we are the perfect choice for your project.

No matter your desired pool type or shape, we are here to bring your dream oasis to life. If you’re eager to dive in and enhance your Gastonia home with a stunning pool, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our team is ready to address any inquiries you may have and assist you in getting started on your project.

Top Inground Pool Builders In Gastonia

From creating lavish resort-style pools to designing elegant and timeless options, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. As the leading inground pool builders in Gastonia, we specialize in crafting tailor-made inground gunite and fiberglass pools, ensuring that all your dreams become a reality.

If you’re prepared to dive into the world of pool ownership and enhance your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Premier Pools & Spas today. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll gladly provide you with a complimentary consultation and estimate. Let us help you embark on your pool-building journey with confidence and excitement. Contact us today at (704) 349-3894.

Fiberglass Pools

Embark on a journey to discover the ultimate destination for inground fiberglass pool construction in Gastonia, NC. Our meticulously crafted fiberglass pool shells not only showcase exceptional durability but also offer a flawlessly smooth surface, guaranteeing a truly luxurious swimming experience. Immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis by incorporating captivating water features, including enchanting waterfalls and elegant fountains. For an added touch of allure, elevate your pool area with the mesmerizing warmth of inviting fire features, such as stylish fire pits and elegant fireplaces.

Experience a seamless and efficient process with our swift installation, allowing you to indulge in the joys of your opulent pool in no time. Trust Premier Pools & Spas of Gastonia to bring your dream pool to life, as we uphold an unwavering commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Gunite Pools

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury with our expertise in crafting custom inground gunite pools. At our core, we prioritize providing a truly personalized experience, working closely with you to create a pool that reflects your unique vision and style.

Our talented team possesses the skills to seamlessly integrate awe-inspiring water features such as cascading waterfalls, elegant fountains, and invigorating jets. In addition, we can incorporate mesmerizing fire elements like inviting fire pits and graceful fireplaces, elevating your backyard oasis to new heights of serenity and charm.

With an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction, you can confidently entrust us to bring your dream pool to life. Begin your journey towards an extraordinary pool by contacting Premier Pools & Spas today. We proudly serve Gastonia, NC, and are eager to embark on this transformative project with you.

Pool Remodels

Revamp and rejuvenate your current swimming pool with the exceptional inground pool remodeling services provided by Premier Pools & Spas. Our team of professionals is dedicated to transforming your pool into a modern and refreshed masterpiece. Whether you desire a change in shape, size, or interior finish, our experienced technicians will bring your vision to life, tailored to your budget and preferences.

In addition to pool remodeling, we offer a range of enticing features to enhance your pool oasis. Illuminate your evenings with mesmerizing lighting systems, elevate the aesthetics with stunning decking designs, add a touch of elegance with captivating water features, and complete the picture-perfect scene with our expert landscaping packages.

Throughout the entire process, we prioritize delivering the best customer service experience. We want you to enjoy the journey of your pool remodel, knowing that our team is committed to your satisfaction. Get ready to embrace a renewed pool experience that exceeds your expectations.

The Premier Experience

Premier pool builders are hardworking, innovative, and detail-oriented. Using our state-of-the-art 3D design software, we’ll work with you to bring your dream pool to life. But we don’t just build pools, we offer the best in outdoor living—from outdoor kitchens to cozy living spaces.

Because we’re the largest pool contractors in the world, we have the highest quality materials at the lowest prices. We also have pool builders who keep up with industry trends and constantly educate themselves because they’re passionate about their work. With those elements combined, the value we offer is unparalleled.

Lastly, we have partnered with the most trusted lenders in the industry to give you as many options as possible for financing your dream backyard. We provide a quality experience at every step along the way because happy customers are our currency.

Premier Pools & Spas

Founded in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas has worked hard over the last 30+ years to become the largest pool builder in the world. In that time, we have built over 75,000 pools by combining the buying power of a nationwide company with the customer service you only get from a family-owned business, which is why the DIY Network chose Premier to host their show, Pool Kings.

Buying a pool is a big decision for your family. That’s why Premier professionals emphasize clarity of communication throughout the process to ensure your peace of mind. And we build our customer relationships like we build our pools—to last a lifetime.

We’re ready to turn your backyard into your own slice of paradise. We’re here for you whenever you’re prepared to make your dream a reality.

You deserve the best. That’s us.

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Gastonia, NC

  • Gunite Pools

  • Fiberglass Pools

  • Pool Remodels

  • Commercial Pools

  • Residential Pools

Gastonia Pool Builders

We build inground pools in Gastonia, South Gastonia, Bessemer City, Ranlo, Dallas, Crowders, and surrounding areas.

When you’re ready to make a splash and transform your backyard into an oasis, our skilled team of gunite and fiberglass pool builders is prepared to bring your vision to life. Get ready to create lasting memories with your family as we craft a stunning centerpiece that will captivate and delight. Don’t hesitate to dive in and reach out to us – we’re here to make your dream pool a reality.

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