Peppermill Reno Pool Case Study

Premier Pools & Spas has built over 50,000 pools and has established a tremendous reputation around the country for being one of the most well respected pool builders in the industry. Commercial pool construction is much different in contrast to residential pool building. Many commercial builders want to work with the type of seasoned veteran pool builders that they can feel confident will put forth a superior product they’re prepared to put their name and reputation behind. Premier Pools & Spas of Sacramento takes great pride in both – which is why when we were fortunate enough to work with the Peppermill, (a well known Hotel & Casino in Reno) it was a crowning jewel in an already impressive resume of high profile customers.

Premier Pools and Spas was part of Peppermill’s incredible facelift in 2007. We designed several incredible outdoor pools in various shapes as well as a truly remarkable upperdeck pool with a breathtaking waterfall descent into the pool below. Guests of the Peppermill can soak up the sun and relax year-round in one of two gorgeous geothermally-heated outdoor swimming pools or in one of the three spas that we designed. Working with the Peppermill was truly a unique experience and we relished the opportunity to leave our stamp on one Reno’s best loved destinations.