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Learn More About Fire Features

Fire Features

No matter what time of year, you can enjoy your backyard swimming area by adding inviting pool fire features. Pool fire features create cozy spaces to enjoy with friends and family, and they can extend your outdoor season.

Pool Fire Features
Fire Features
Pool Fire Features
Pool Fire Features
Pool Fire Features
Fire Features

Types of Pool Fire Features

Fire Features

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls add drama and warmth to your outdoor sanctuary. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and styles, from handcrafted metal to colored concrete. For the ultimate unwind, you can monitor the fire bowl flame via a handheld remote or even your smartphone.
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Fire Bowls - Pool Fire Feature
Fire Features

Fire & Water Combos

This hottest trend blends the luxurious touch of pool fire bowls with the relaxing sounds of water. Achieve a fantastic dynamic by adding a hidden fire bowl behind a rain curtain or grotto waterfall feature.
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Fire & Water Combos - Pool Fire Feature
Fire Features

Fire Torches

Illuminate your pool with a natural glow with fire candeleres. Fire candeleres add dimension and elevation when placed beside a cascading waterfall.
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Fire Torches - Pool Fire Feature
Fire Features

Fire Pits

 By complementing the brilliance of water, fire pits add warming ambience to your entertaining space. A crowd-pleasing fire pit can be incorporated near a waterfall or strategically placed between deck jets.
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Fire Pits - Pool Fire Feature
Fire Features

Outdoor Fireplaces

Heat your space with an outdoor fire and extend your pool season through the winter. Concrete fireplace designs are highly customizable, and you can use automated inserts to keep the flames going.
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Outdoor Fireplaces - Pool Fire Feature
Fire Features

Fire Tables

A fire table is similar to a fire pit, but the seating area is typically lower. Unlike a fire pit, a fire table is a piece of furniture. It stands out among the other exterior furniture and adds extra style to your backyard view. 
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Fire Tables - Pool Fire Feature
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do fire bowls work?

Fire bowls usually use natural gas as fuel but can also use propane when necessary. A gas line must be plumbed to ensure the fire bowl is properly set up, and if the fire bowl has an integrated water feature, a separate water line would need to be installed too. These bowls come with an inner burner and igniter, enabling them to light up and sustain the flames.

Can you add a fire bowl to an existing pool?

Yes! In recent years, fire features have rapidly risen in popularity with swimming pool owners. The combination of fire and water can create a beautiful atmosphere for the nighttime landscape, which will easily become the main attraction of your backyard pool area.

Can you put a fire pit by a pool?

Many households with swimming pools consider fire pits one of the most desirable additions to their outdoor living space. Having a fire pit helps owners enhance the enjoyment of their pools by spending more time out of the water around them.

How much do pool fire features cost?

To know for sure, more information would be needed, such as which fire features and their placement. You can receive a free quote by filling out the form below.

Yes, gunite pools are safe to use with saltwater.

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