What is a Spool?

Spools are small pools that are typically 1–2 meters deep, used for swimming or other water-based recreation. A typical backyard pool is about 9 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, with a depth of 1.4–2 meters. Small pools are typically less expensive to construct than large ones because they require less material and time to build.

There are several reasons why someone might choose to have a small pool instead of a larger one. First, small pools take up less space, so they can be a good option for people who have limited yard space or live in an apartment or condo. Second, they are easier to maintain than larger pools because there is less water to circulated and filter. Finally, small pools can be just as fun as large ones – you can still swim laps, play games, and relax in the water.

If you’re considering adding a small pool to your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll need to choose the right location for your pool. It should be in a sunny spot that’s away from any trees or other objects that could fall into the pool and damage it. You’ll also need to make sure the ground is level before you begin construction – otherwise, your pool may not hold water properly. And last you’ll need to decide what type of materials you want to use for the sides and bottom of your pool; options include concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner.

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Spool Cost & Maintenance

A small pool is a great way to enjoy the summer without having to deal with the crowds at a public pool. But before you dive in, it’s important to understand the costs and maintenance involved with owning a small pool.

The cost of a small pool can vary depending on the materials used, the size and depth of the pool, and whether you build it yourself or hire a professional. The average cost of a professionally installed above-ground pool range from $1,500 to $5,000, while small inground pools can cost upwards of $60,000+. However, the cost will vary depending on the market, size, and add-ons. It’s best to contact our pool builders near you to receive an accurate spool quote.

Once your small pool is built, there are still some ongoing costs to consider. The type of filtration system you use will impact your electricity bill, and if you have an inground pool you will also need to factor in the cost of chemicals and regular maintenance.

Overall, the cost of owning a small pool is relatively affordable compared to other summer activities. And with proper care and maintenance, your pool will be ready for many summers of enjoyment.

9 Spool Examples

Here are 9 examples of spools we have built for customers across the United States.

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