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How to build the perfect backyard oasis

Now is the best time to consider creating your own perfect backyard oasis. The most crucial element of any design is to satisfy your expectations and needs. You can plan your outdoor space to be whatever you want. Whether you are looking for a tropical entertaining spot, a relaxing retreat, or a grilling area, your

How an in-floor cleaning system will change your life

Every homeowner dreams of owning a self-cleaning pool. But a pool will always some attention. If you have an inground pool, you might know that there are different systems for pool cleaning available. One such system is an in-floor cleaning system, which can significantly help in reducing the effort and time you’ll require to invest in

The benefits of pergolas in your backyard

Whether you’re constructing a new deck or renovating your existing one, you might be considering if it's best to install a pergola in your backyard. As you work to make the most of your patio or deck, a pergola can be the perfect option. Just the way fire pits can work wonders for your backyard,

Fireplaces – how to properly clean your fire pit

Whether your fire pit runs on wood or gas, and whether it’s made from sculptural metal or durable stone, it requires thorough, frequent cleanup to work safely and stay in good shape. Luckily, cleaning these fireplaces doesn’t have to be hard. With our useful tips and a bit of effort, you will have your fire

Prepare your landscaping for cold weather

It is time to prepare your landscaping for the winter season. Though you might have plans of enjoying a little longer, contacting the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas will make sure your outdoor space will look its best. By doing this, means it you will have less work and more days will be spent

Health Benefits of Swimming in Marin County Swimming Pools

Swimming in Marin County swimming pools can be so much fun. It can give you, your friends and family many hours of fun. You'll also find a lot of health benefits, which come along with installing custom pools in Marin County, CA. Whether or not you jump into your new inground pool to workout, you'll

Sonoma Swimming Pools – Choosing Between Concrete and Fiberglass

Once you start considering options for a custom inground pool in Sonoma, CA, you will find that some pool contractors have two options to decide on: fiberglass or concrete. Trying to determine which Sonoma swimming pools option suits your needs can be a little bit daunting when you first begin looking. So let’s check out

Swimming Pools Marin County -Tips for Pool Buyers

The thing about swimming pools Marin County, CA, is that once installed they are there to stay. So the choices that you make at the buying phase can impact your overall satisfaction later on. There are lots of factors to take into account that will impact your decisions as you create your perfect dream pool

Marin Pools – Add an Element of Style to Your Pool

A new pool is a great addition to your backyard in Marin. When you decide to install a new pool, you'll have a variety of inground pool designs to pick from. With the help of the best Premier Pools, Marin pool builders, homeowners can create Marin pools that are the right shape and size for their property and landscaping. The best Premier Pools & Spas professionals will

Things to Consider In a Marin Pool Service

After the installation of Your Marin pool, make sure that you find a pool service company. The best Marin pool service company will do a great job of maintaining a safe and clean pool. They will also do repairs, among lots of other important functions. But there are lots of providers out there and finding