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Atlanta: Pool Cleaning for Spring

When you are thinking about opening your Atlanta pool for pool cleaning in the Spring, you might be excited and wondering what you should do to get your pool sparkling and clean. Cleaning your pool might seem like a real chore, but once you get it finished, there is a lot of fun times to be enjoyed. In this article, we are going to talk about getting your pool ready for springtime.
Pool cleaning
image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org Angel Saavedra and Joshua Caslill, both lifeguards, clean around the pool deck

Pool Cleaning You Need to Know About

As the temperature starts to rise, homeowners are either opening their pools or they are thinking about getting a new pool installed in their backyard. Having a pool is a great way to enjoy hours of fun in the sun. When you have a pool, there are responsibilities and things you need to remember such as pool cleaning. Pool Cleaning Checklist for Spring
  • Drain water off of your pool cover
  • Remove pool cover and store if necessary
  • Restore water level to normal levels
  • Reconnect your pool equipment
  • Remove winter plugs or any winterization plugs
  • Turn system on again
  • Test water chemistry levels
  • Adjust pH balance
  • Brush pool
  • Vacuum pool
  • Run filtration system
  • Shock pool to eliminate bacteria
pool cleaning The worst thing you can do when spring comes around is to expect it to be clear and shiny when you take the cover off. There is going to be a lot of pool cleaning that needs to be done in the spring as well as all year-round. Your pool’s chemistry changes during the winter and is going to need to be adjusted before you hop in. Your water levels will have changed. Depending on whether they have gotten higher or lower, you’re going to need to fix them as needed. As you are doing your pool cleaning, make sure you protect your pool’s tile and its coping. This is the perfect time to activate your equipment. There is no reason to wait for the first week of summer to start. It’s springtime and warm enough to get the pool going. pool cleaning You don’t need to heat your pool during spring months. Heating the pool when the air still has a chill can cost quite a bit. If you open your pool too early, you are going to have to deal with maintenance, but you aren’t going to be able to swim in it. If you want to get an early start on balancing your pool’s chemistry levels, regulating the water levels, and ensuring that everything is working properly, go for it. If you have a spa, you can enjoy this early on in the season and this is something to think about if you are a potential pool owner that is thinking about designing their own pool. If you don’t feel like dealing with cleaning your pool, there are pool services you can use that will take care of the whole process for you. If you need any help with your pool, make sure to give us a call. We will be glad to help you.

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New Orleans Spring Pools & Getting Your Pool Ready for Spring

As you are thinking about spring pools in New Orleans, you may be ready to open your pool and get it ready for the season. Opening your pool may not be your favorite thing to do but once you get the routine down, each year is going to be easier. Some people choose to have a pool service open their pool but many people choose to take care of their own spring pools cleaning. In this article, we are going to talk about opening your pool for spring. spring pools

Spring Pools & First of the Season Pool Tasks

The birds are out in full force, you start to notice that the flowers and trees are making a come back. That’s the sign for spring pools and getting them open so that you will be able to take a swim and enjoy your time poolside. Before you go and jump in the pool, there are some things you are going to need to do. You don’t want to jump into a pool that is green or full of debris so look out before you take that pool cover off. Your pool needs a thorough cleaning and a water chemical balancing session before you grab your swimsuits. Take a sample of your water and test it yourself or take it to a local pool shop so they can test it for you and recommend what you need for your pool. You will also need to replace any equipment that was removed during winterizing or have your pool professional take care of this part depending on your comfort level. spring pools Before you even take your pool cover off, you need to prep the surrounding areas. If there is a lot of debris around the pool, the slightest breeze is likely to blow it into the pool. This is going to cause you unnecessary work because you will have to clean the newly introduced debris from the pool as well as everything that has collected during the winter months. Once you’ve cleaned up around the pool, turn your attention to the pool cover and get any debris off the cover. If the debris is wet, you can use a pool vacuum to get all the water off the top of the cover and allow the debris to dry. Once the debris is dry you can easily sweep it off the top of the cover. After the cover is clean and dry, you can put it up for the rest of the open season. People that have automatic pool covers do not have to do this step so that might be something that you want to consider for your pool later. This helps fight against debris as well since you can put your cover over the pool every day. spring pools

Spring Pools Opening & Usage

Once you’ve got your pool all cleaned up, all you need to do is keep up with the normal pool maintenance to keep your pool beautiful and bright. If you need any help with pool upgrades or repairs, make sure to give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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Marin: How to Perform Proper Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

If you are considering getting a pool in your Marin backyard, you may be wondering what pool cleaning and maintenance is going to mean for your schedule and what you are going to be expected to do to keep your pool looking nice. While having a pool is great, if you aren’t sure you are ready for the commitment of having a pool, we are going to talk about how to take care of pool cleaning and maintenance in this article so you can decide.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance – What It Takes

pool cleaning
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com
If you haven’t been around pools very much, you may think that pool cleaning is going to take up your entire life but that’s not the case at all. Especially with all of the new technologies that have come out, it is taking less time to maintain your pool and keep it looking beautiful. There is one simple solution that you can look into if you don’t want to keep up with your pool. That solution is a pool service that is going to take care of the hard part of things for you. While you are still going to have to do some of the day to day tasks, if you have a pool service, it is going to keep you from having to do all the pool cleaning. If you choose not to go with a pool service, here are some of the things you are going to need to do regularly to make sure your pool stays beautiful.
pool cleaning
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  • Brushing walls, benches and steps to keep them from getting any grime and buildup on them.
  • Skimming your pool to get any of the debris.
  • Your skimmer is going to need to be cleaned.
  • Checking water pump for debris and cleaning it out if it is needed.
  • Checking filter PSI and cleaning it if it is needed.
  • Checking chlorine levels and adjusting if necessary.
  • Adding salt to your saltwater system if you have one.
  • Making sure your chemical levels in the water are proper.
pool cleaning
Photo courtesy of clcdesign.com
While you are going to have quite a few tasks to take care of when it comes to pool cleaning and basic upkeep with your pool, once you get the tasks down and know what you are doing, it isn’t going to take you a lot of time. What would take you a lot of time would be if you were to let your pool go and allowed the algae to take over. Keeping your pool cleaned and maintained at all times is a must when you want to make sure that you don’t have to put in extra time doing pool cleaning. If you do get tired of cleaning your pool, there is always the option of a pool cleaner so never let that keep you from getting a pool that is going to give you hours of fun and relaxation. When you are ready to get started, make sure to give us a call so we can help you through the process and help you create your ideal backyard.

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Los Angeles: Spring Is Here, It’s Pool Opening Time

Los Angeles, did you notice that Spring is here and it is pool opening time? That’s right, it is the season for pool parties and good times with friends and family in the sun. Get a jump on opening your pool because as the weather warms you and the whole family are going to want to hop in the pool but if it isn’t open, that isn’t going to happen. In this article, we are going to talk about pool opening and getting ready for a great swim season.

Pool Opening – What You Need to Know

pool opening When you have had your pool closed for the winter season, you may not be excited about pool opening because you are thinking about the work that is going to go into it, but it isn’t a lot of work if you know what you are doing or if you hire a pool service. Before you think about taking your pool’s cover off, you need to make sure that you clean up around your pool. If there is any debris laying around the pool, it’s likely to blow into the pool once it is uncovered. A quick sweep and clean up of your poolside will save you lots of time cleaning the extra debris from the pool. After you get the debris from around the pool, you need to clean debris from the pool cover and use a pool cover vacuum to vacuum up any water that made it onto the cover. pool opening Before you put your cover up, make sure it is fully dry so it doesn’t get any mold or mildew on it from being stored away with water. Leaving it to dry in the sun for a few hours should do the trick. Check your water levels to make sure they are set to the right amount and fill as needed. You should also make sure to check the chemical levels in your pool so that you do not swim in water that is less than pure. Ensuring the chlorine level and pH levels are proper will keep you from having to deal with bacteria and algae growth in your pool.

Planning Any Upgrades After Pool Opening

pool opening Once you have done your pool opening, you might have noticed there are some things that you would like your pool to have that it is missing. While there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your pool, you want to make sure that it is going to flow with your poolscape. If you aren’t sure how to plan out your new upgrades, you should give us a call. We have been in the pool profession for over 30 years and would be more than happy to help you make your pool dreams come true. Whether you decide to have a massive upgrade project or there are only a few minor things that need to be fixed up, we are the right people to help you make that happen.

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Gulf Breeze: How Much Pool Evaporation Should You Expect?

If you are curious about pool evaporation at your Gulf Breeze residence, it’s a good thing that you are paying attention to your pool water levels. If you don’t notice your water levels going down and there is a pool leak or other problem that is causing the level of your water to go down, you could be in for major problems. In this article, we are going to talk about pool evaporation as well as what could be wrong if your water is going down for other reasons than pool evaporation. pool evaporation

Pool Evaporation & What to Expect

First, if your pool is uncovered, you should expect to experience more pool evaporation that if you were to have a pool cover on when your pool is not in use. You should expect about a quarter inch of water per day to evaporate. This isn’t to say that your water won’t be lower than this decrease if you have a heavy day of swimming so make sure to take that into account as well. Depending on how the weather is when you are checking your pool evaporation it could vary so don’t start worrying about leaks right away if you notice less water in your pool. Sun and air temperature, wind velocity, splashing, rain, and hailstorms can affect pool water levels. pool evaporation

What to Do In a Storm

If you know that is a storm is coming, you need to properly prepare your swimming pool for the brunt of the storm. Make sure it is tightly covered and all pool accessories should be out of the pool and stored somewhere safe so they are not blown around causing damage to your home and yard. When you are experiencing heavy winds in dry weather, it is going to cause a higher level of pool evaporation so keep a watch on your water during these times if you keep your pool uncovered.

Sun & Wind Effects on Pool Evaporation

pool evaporation The way the weather operates in Gulf Breeze might be giving you whiplash as a pool owner so make sure you watch your chlorine and other pool chemicals to ensure they are at the proper levels. Intense sunlight will lead to pool evaporation and that doesn’t mean only water. Your chlorine and other chemicals are prone to evaporation as well but you can prevent too much chlorine evaporation by using stabilizers. If you want to make your life easier and less, make sure to get a good cover for your pool. If you are experiencing a drought, filling your pool can be very expensive and lead you to fork out more cash than you want to each month.

Checking for Pool Leaks

If you think that you have a pool leak, you can do a special dye test with a kit to make sure that is not what it is. If you find you have leaks in your pool, make sure to call a pool professional right away.  We will be glad to help you with any problems you might be having.

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Souderton: Pool Maintenance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

There are pool maintenance mistakes you want to make sure to stay away from in your Souderton pool. While maintaining your pool is important, you may not have learned some of the things to stay away from or keep from doing to cause problems in your pool. In this article, we are going to talk about pool maintenance mistakes and how to keep from doing them.
pool maintenance mistakes
Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Avoiding the following pool maintenance mistakes will not only save you time, but it will help you save money. The more you understand how your pool works and what it needs, the less likely you are to make pool maintenance mistakes. #1 – Not Creating a Schedule While it is easy to think we are going to go out and clean our pool “when it looks like it needs it”, it is unlikely we are going to be consistent enough to keep our pool looking sparkly clean if we are winging it in this manner. While you may not feel like creating a schedule and having another small job, it is going to save your time, effort and money in the long run.
pool maintenance mistakes
Photos courtesy of the homedesignlovers.com
If you do not create a schedule, you may find yourself dealing with a chemically unbalanced pool. This could mean you experience a cloudy pool or even a green pool that is filled with algae. If you experience a green, algae-filled pool, this is going to take time, effort and money in chemical treatments to remedy the problem. #2 – Not Putting Someone In Charge Even if you have a schedule, if it isn’t anyone’s responsibility, you are going to find quickly that none of the work on the schedule gets done. Everyone expects someone else to do the task. #3 – Not Having a Reminder System If you do not have a reminder system in place for the person who is in charge of taking care of the pool, you will see very quickly that the schedule is forgotten. You can use a phone alarm or there are even some apps that will allow you to track when and how you are supposed to be keeping up with your schedule.
pool maintenance mistakes
Photo courtesy of homedit.com
#4 – Not Keeping the Pool In Balance When you are looking at pool maintenance mistakes, this is the big one that can be avoided if you are following the maintenance schedule that has been put in place. All of the chemicals in your pool play a role in your pool’s health and how your pool is going to look. Paying close attention to the testing of your pool is important. Once you have your testing done and know how your pool needs, all you have to do is keep consistent with your pool maintenance as pointed out above and you are going to be able to keep experiencing a beautiful pool all swim season. If you need any help with your pool, make sure to give us a call. We have over 30 years of experience and will be more than happy to help you with any pool related issues.

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Las Vegas: How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter

Residents of Las Vegas are serious about their pool care. As you know there are different types when it comes to a pool filter depending on which one has been chosen and installed in your pool. For this article specifically, we will be talking about the cartridge pool filter. We are going to talk about how to clean a cartridge pool filter.
pool filter
Photo courtesy of blog.intheswim.com

What Is a Cartridge Pool Filter?

A cartridge pool filter is usually an oval or square cartridge that is made up of layers of elements designed to trap dirt and keep it from entering your pool. Most filters are found near the pump and the filters are designed to be cleaned and reused multiple times. You will find that you need to replace one or more of the elements in your filter from time to time.

Why Use a Cartridge Pool Filter?

pool filter
Photo courtesy of homedepot.com
The biggest reason people use these pool filters is because of the frequency you have to clean it. Unlike other pool filters that may require cleaning multiple times a month, you will be able to be cleaned about four times a year. This does vary depending on where you live and how much you use your pool.

Clean Your Pool Filter

While it is true that you are not going to have to clean a cartridge filter as often as other types of filters, that does not mean you aren’t going to have to clean it and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some time. A proper cleaning of your pool filter involves quite a few steps.
  1. Shut off your pool’s pump as well as the power.
  2. Remove any air that is in the system.
  3. Take off the filter clamps.
  4. Remove the filter’s top.
  5. Carefully remove each of the elements of the filter and put them to the side. Make sure you can tell how to put them back together after cleaning. You should also note if there is any damage done to any elements of the filter. Replace any parts that are cracked or torn.
  6. Pick your favorite degreaser and coat all the different elements of your pool filter.
  7. Gently rinse the elements with a hose.
  8. Return the elements in the proper order once they have been cleaned.
  9. While your filter is apart, this is a good time to check the o-ring on the pool filter tank. If it does not look like it is in good condition, you can replace it as well.
  10. Replace the filter and make sure it is secured tightly in place by the clamps.
  11. Turn your system on.
  12. Check your pressure system to make sure it is within normal range so you know you put everything back correctly.
pool filter
Photo courtesy of poolproducts.com
If you do not feel like doing all of that work, you can always contact a pool professional to take care of it for you so you do not have to go through the hassle. We would be glad to help you in any way you need so give us a call.

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Charlotte: Weekly Pool Maintenance

Charlotte homeowners need to understand the importance of weekly pool maintenance. In this article, we are going to talk more about taking care of your pool and keeping up proper maintenance.

Pool Maintenance and What You Should Know

pool maintenance
Photo courtesy of nbwsblog.com
There are many joys to having a pool at your home, but you need to make sure you take care of your pool regularly or you are going to find yourself dealing with various pool issues. You may get a pool that is cloudy or even an alga filled green pool which is no fun at all. While these problems can be fixed, if you take proper care of your pool, you won’t have to deal with them at all.
pool maintenance
Photos courtesy of the homedesignlovers.com

Weekly Activities for Pool Maintenance

#1 – Shock your pool by adding product as directed by your pool professional. If you had a heavy rainstorm, you may need to do additional shock in your pool. You may need more shock after a lot of people swim or during extremely hot weather. #2 – Adding a maintenance dose of an algae preventer to keep algae at bay will help with weekly pool maintenance. Clarifiers and metal control products should be used along with this step. This will help you pool run better than if you were not using them at all. #3 – Brush your pool walls and use a vacuum to clean the pool floors. Use a tile cleaner to clean the tile at the water line. You may want to get an automatic pool cleaner to use daily so you do not have to clean your pool by hand.

Keeping Your Pool In Good Condition

pool maintenance
Photo courtesy of gooosen.com
While you may be focused on the benefits of having a pool, if you do not take care of your pool and make sure that your pool is kept clean, you may find yourself with a pool that is less than desirable. If you do not feel you can commit to the weekly and even daily tasks of pool maintenance, you may want to hire a pool company to take care of your pool. You may look at a pool service as an extra expense, but the amount of money you would save from keeping your pool clean will help you offset the cost. If you do not enjoy cleaning the pool, it will take one of your dreaded items off the list and allow you to spend your time doing something that you enjoy.

The Importance of Pool Maintenance

Besides for algae and cloudy pool problems, if you do not keep up with your maintenance, you may experience breakdowns in your pool equipment, pool lining, etc. Make sure to pay attention to any early signs of trouble you may see when you are dealing with your pool. Checking to see if there are any leaks or cracks in the equipment on a regular basis can help overt a crisis. If you need help with your pool maintenance, pool upgrades or anything related to pools, make sure to give us a call. We will be glad to help you.

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Tips on Removing Dog Hair from the Pool

Most dogs like to go for a swim in your pool. They are covered in fur, and they use their tongue or nose to release heat from their bodies. You can bet that the dogs are more prone to feeling the heat during the summer. The good news is, your swimming pool can help ease them off the heat. These furry friends love the water, and you cannot keep them from leaping into the swimming pool to cool off. But that presents an issue for you. How can you get rid of the dog hair, which can compromise your pool’s filtration system?
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Atlanta: Is my Swimming Pool Leaking?

If you think you have an Atlanta pool leaking problem, you could lose some sleep over this issue. Any problems you have that come out of nowhere can be stressful, but when it is with something that is as big of an investment as your pool, it can be extremely frustrating. In this article, we are going to talk about how to know if you have a pool leaking problem and what to do about it if you do.
pool leaking
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Things You Need to Know About Pool Leaking

If you notice that your pool’s water level keeps going down, you may have a pool leaking problem. However, this doesn’t mean that you do have a pool leaking problem. You could be dealing with evaporation or could be losing water from excessive splashing. Either of these things could be causing you to lose water and would be much better for your wallet if that is the case. Although, it never hurts to check, just in case. It isn’t uncommon that we hear from customers that are worried if their water loss is a pool leaking problem. Since water loss will occur due to the factors we spoke about above, there are some ways to determine if your loss of water is because of a potential leak or due to some other factor.
pool leaking
Photo courtesy of patio-pleasures.com

Checking for Pool Leaking

Grab a 5-gallon bucket with pool water and fill it about 5 inches from the top. Fill the pool to the normal fill level. Take the bucket you’ve filled and immerse the bucket at least 5 inches in the water with the support of a step or bench and mark the water level in the bucket with duct tape or something similar.  Go to the pump, turn it off and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket as well. After you’ve finished, turn the pump back on and allow the pool to operate as it usually does. In 24 hours compare the two water levels. If your water level in the pool goes down more than what is in the bucket, you are likely to be dealing with pool leaking. If the water is the same level, it is most likely evaporation that is the culprit of your lower water levels. To make sure your results are true, perform the task a second time. If you want a professional point of view, Premier Pools and Spas would be more than happy to send one of our pool service guys out to check on your swimming pool. We are open for weekly pool service as well. Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is a important thing to do and we’re more than qualified to help you with keeping your swimming pool clean.
pool leaking
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

Pool Leaking Conclusion

Most pools lose about 1/4″ of water per day but depending on the weather where you are and the amount of sunlight your pool gets, this could be different for you. Use a pool cover if you want to reduce the water loss from evaporation. Even if you suspect a leak, it doesn’t mean your pool’s shell is having problems, it could be because of the plumbing. If you think you have a leak, you should call a pool specialist right away and have them take a look. We have seen all types of challenges with pools over our 30 years so make sure to give us a call so we can help you with any problem you might be having.

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