Maintenance of Your Fiberglass Spa Pool in Portland

Fiberglass is fast becoming the choice of pool material of homeowners across the Portland / Vancouver area. Your loved ones will fall in love with the low-maintenance, durability, and beauty of a new fiberglass spa pool from Premier Pools & Spas of Portland. From the fiberglass pool's initial design to final construction, we’ll provide you

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The Portland Pool Installation Process: Be Prepared for Pool Building!

A Portland pool installation can be a nice experience. Our pool experts have the skills and expertise to make the project run without a hitch. The job will be carefully planned before we begin working, and all information discussed. Communication and organization will continue right through the construction. The following is a general idea of

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Why a Pool Increases Home Value in Portland

Installing a pool in Portland can be a tempting thought to have during the scorching summer days. Once a swimming pool is installed and operating, it can offer never-ending hours of enjoyment and fun. A swimming pool is a huge investment, though, and even a small inground swimming pool can cost a lot of money.

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Funny Swimming Pool Fails to Avoid in Your Portland Backyard

People are always coming up with pool ideas they think are good, but turn out to be funny swimming pool fails. Do you have kids or grandchildren? A pool is not only fun for children but can offer some essential benefits. Let’s check out the ways pools make the perfect addition to homes with children:

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What Every Homeowner Should Know about Owning a Pools in Portland

Whether you are adding a new swimming pool for recreation or to improve the value of your home in Portland, a pool will offer hours of entertainment and also offer amazing health benefits. A swimming pool serves as a get-together spot for friends and family as well. With the range available through custom designed pools

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Simple yet Elegant Swimming Pools in Portland

Irrespective of the weather, homeowners in Portland take summertime fun seriously. There is no better way of beating the high temperature than at the city’s public outdoor and indoor elegant swimming pools. With features such as kid-friendly play structures, heated whirlpools, lazy rivers, and rope swings, Portland’s pools provide family fun year-round.   Unsure where

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Why Portland Pool Workouts Are Great for You

Pool workout is gaining lots of popularity in Portland, Oregon. It's good for those who cannot stand the monotony of the gym and other boring workouts. Portland pool workouts are fun and cheap since you can literally exercise with anybody you want to, be it your companion or your pet dog! It's also a low-impact

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Basic Swimming Pool Tips for a Portland Pool Owner

Have you lately installed a pool in Portland, or purchased a house with a pool, and you end up feeling overwhelmed with where you should start? Looking after and maintaining a new pool can be quite daunting to people not familiar with this process. The best part is that while there are challenges that come

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