When you want to dive and enjoy a wild time in your pool, rock slides are the best element for your backyard pool. Kids love this pool accessory while it brings out the inner child in adults as well. There are different types of pool slides to fit your needs. So, you can choose the shape and size that’s perfect for your backyard oasis. Here are 10 amazing pool slides that you can consider:

1. Tile Mosaic Slide

The pool slides are not only a fun accessory for the kids. This, in fact, can be a beautiful enhancement for your swimming pool. Choose a pool slide made from colorful tile mosaic to this effect. With water pouring down the slide, it offers a smooth ride into the pool.

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2. Curved Rock Slide

If you have natural rock features in your backyard, you can install a rock slide to complement them. A curved rock slide with smooth finishes is the perfect pool accessories for kids and adults alike.

3. Standard Pool Slide

With a durable built-in ladder, the standard pool slides are designed for minimal spaces in small backyards. They are not overly long and do not have curves that acquire an extra bit of length and space. Rather, these slides are slightly high and can be installed nearer to the pool for easy access.

4. Faux Stone Slides

The faux stone designs of rock slides merge well with waterfall landscaping features of your backyard. With waterfalls around the slide, it creates an aesthetic view and a cool feature for your pool.

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5. Natural Stone Slide

If you choose natural stone slide, it will merge easily with the surrounding stone water features in your pool area. This type of slide is perfect for kids as well. You can install it at the right location on the poolside for safe access.

6. A Rock Slide with a Stone Stairway

For a beautiful natural ambiance, you can build slides with a stone stairway leading to the top of the slide. If set above a rock grotto and waterfall, this feature can make your pool visually appealing and perfect for a tropical retreat.

7. Long Pool Slides

If you have ample space in your backyard, long rock slides can be the best thing to choose. The slides winding through stone landscaping and greenery to the basin are a luxurious way to create your backyard oasis.

8. Classic Slide with Metal Ladder

If you want a functional pool slide without much flash, choose the classic or utilitarian slides that come with a metal ladder. These slides are available in different colors and sizes to fit your backyard.

10 Amazing Pool Slides That You Won't Want To Miss Out On 2

9. Fiberglass Pool Slide

If you are on a budget, you can choose fiberglass pool slides. They are reinforced with glass fibers for better strength. These slides can resist corrosion as well. They are a safe addition to your pool.

10. Enclosed Rock Slide

Create a dramatic look in your pool with an enclosed water slide that exits under a pool waterfall. It can be a fun attraction for your pool.

These are some stunning rock slides that you can add to your swimming pool.

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