Cleaning your Hamptons backyard pool should not be a full-time task. But you should do regular maintenance to make sure it is in great condition. There’s a specific level of commitment required when you choose to build a new pool. Not caring for your pool can cause lots of issues than maintaining it. Neglecting your backyard oasis will mean having to spend a lot afterward on repairs, as well as increasing health hazards. Here are excellent some pool cleaning tips from our professionals that will help with your pool cleaning process.

pool cleaning tips

1. Keep debris out of your pool

Debris in a swimming pool like animal waste, insects, leaves, and pet hair make it cloudy, dirty and, unattractive. It can clog up drains and filters as well. Foreign matter can throw off the chemical balance and give food for algae, which makes it grow. Removing debris is important. You can get rid of debris that’s out of reach by using a long-handled net.

2. Vacuuming & scrubbing

Swimming pools need a nice, hard scrubbing from time to time to get rid of calcium deposits and algae. You should do this at least once every week even with the best automatic cleaning system. You should reach each stair and corner. The inaccessible spots might be the most essential spots to scrub since they receive minimal circulation. Get rid of additional debris and particles from the pool water using a vacuum.

pool cleaning tips

3. Emptying skimmer baskets regularly

Other pool cleaning tips include removing the contents of the skimmer basket often. The baskets can get full of debris in a very short time. It is important that you inspect and remove the debris inside the baskets a couple of times every week. This hassle-free chore will help improve the efficiency of the pool filter and water circulation.

4. Maintaining the right chemical levels

It is best to ensure that the chemical levels in the water are within what’s appropriate for your backyard pool. You should also ensure your pool has the right pH level. When it comes to pool water chemistry parameters, pH is the most essential. Controlling and maintaining it has to be a top priority. Neglecting this means disinfection is going to be compromised and turbidity of the pool water as well.

Checking your pool water’s chemistry often can make it a lot simpler to detect the issue. You will also save money when you choose to make changes. This is because you’ll be adding a few chemicals to restore your pool water’s balance. Regularly checking your pool will also ensure it is always ready for use year-round.

pool cleaning tips

Pool Cleaning Tips – Hiring a Professional!

In some cases, the simple chores you do to help keep the pool clean will become bigger than you expect them to be. If this happens, it might be important to hire experts for extra pool cleaning services. Here at Premier Pools, your Hamilton pool builders, we not only construct amazing pools but also offer the top-notch pool services you require to keep your pool healthy and happy. To find out more, call us today!

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