Adding a pool to your backyard is an amazing way to enjoy your outdoor space. You can choose gunite pools in Boise for versatility, flexibility, and durability. Gunite is a blend of cement, sand, and water applied using a high-pressure hose. After drying, it becomes rock solid and thick enough to last for many years. Gunite pools also come with the best warranties and they have a simple construction. There are many more benefits of installing this pool in your backyard. Let’s get started.

Gunite pools in boise

1. Custom size and shape

When you plan to install gunite pools in Boise, you’re spoiled for choice. Instead of designing the backyard around the pool, you can create a pool that blends with the existing landscape. Gunite pools can be made in any shape or size to complement your outdoor spaces. In fact, they are more flexible than any other type of pool.

2. Choice of personalized finish

Finishes for gunite pools in Boise come in a wide array of colors and patterns. You can choose an option that coordinates your pool to accommodate the rest of landscaping in your backyard. There is a wide range of finish options such as plaster, glass, pebbles, and quartz to choose from. Out of these options, pebble offers the best value for your money with low maintenance costs. You must make a selection based on your personal preferences.

Gunite pools in boise

3. Durability to last

Gunite pools are specifically known for their durability. Unlike vinyl liner or glass pools, they do not suffer from frequent wear and damages. Typically, gunite utilizes a rebar framework that is sprayed over a blend of cement and sand. When applied under high-pressure, it creates more concrete material for every cubic yard. This makes gunite a long-lasting and strong option for swimming pool.

The soil around and under your pool is never stable for longer times. It may contract or expand with time. Ideally, the pool must be designed to settle with the soil without damages. Gunite is resistant to settling of soil under and around the pool.

4. Ease of construction

When compared to concrete, gunite swimming pools are easier to build. Since it uses a rebar framework, the construction time is cut down to half with lesser variability. The project is not considerably affected by the factors beyond your control when you choose gunite as material.

Gunite pools in boise

5. Flexibility to add amenities

Gunite pools offer endless possibilities to customize. You can add a variety of additional features and amenities when you choose gunite as your type of pool. Whether you want a tranquil environment or a perfect family hangout spot, gunite lets you design your backyard space in any way you want.

You can add waterfalls, a rock grotto, custom steps, benches, and in-pool bar stools to your swimming pool. Depending on the existing landscaping and architecture, you can redesign your entire pool if you choose gunite.

Due to its versatility and resilience, gunite pools in Boise offer the best value for your money. You must select a reliable pool contractor to create your own backyard retreat.

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