With Easter around the corner, you ought to make preparations to celebrate the festive vibes. If you are looking to throw a pool party Easter, getting your pool ready is the first thing to do. Instead of the traditional egg hunt, take the celebrations outside to the pool. Here are the tips to organize the best Easter pool party:

Backyard Design Ideas

Work Around A Theme

Eggs and chocolates are the must-haves for any Easter-themed party décor. But, you can get as creative as you want with your own ideas. Since the temperature gets higher, you can opt for pastel and summery color themes for your party. If you are throwing an afternoon party, balloons and paper décor is all you need.

You can throw some balloon garlands into your pool and hang paper lanterns from the trees. For evening celebrations, choose multi-colored LED lights that can enhance the ambiance of your pool area. To decorate the food tables, choose Easter-themed table covers and plastic baskets.

Prepare the Best Menu

Typically, Easter is all things sweet. Hence, you can’t plan a pool party Easter without lots of chocolates and candies. Your chocolate bars must be placed in a bowl which is kept above a bowl filled with ice. It prevents the melting of candies under the sun. The party menu can also include a wide assortment of sandwiches.

Since it’s a pool party, keep the grub light. You can toss up a platter full of cold fruits and a tray of cheese with croissants for completing the menu. To keep everyone busy, add some bags of assorted chips to the table.

Mix Tangy Cocktails

A pool party Easter can hardly spell fun unless you have a lot of assorted beverages flowing. Juices, sodas, and water are essential to staying hydrated. You can move up the ante by mixing up non-alcoholic beverages like cranberry juice cocktails and sangria. Keep all the beverages in dispensers for easy serving and minimum spillage.

Plan Interesting Games

In a pool party, interesting games can keep everyone engaged and happy. Whether it’s a party for adults or families with kids, there are many games that you can try out for uninterrupted fun. Do the Bunny is the most popular Easter game to start with. It uses leftover Easter eggs filled with different activity ideas. Ask the players to open an egg and perform the activity. Another interesting game is the Easter egg toss where you need some empty eggs and colorful Easter baskets. In this game, the baskets will stay afloat in the pool and players will toss empty eggs from the pool deck into the basket.

Have Some Fun Accessories

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If you want to dive in style to celebrate your Easter pool party, choose Bunny ears for the goggles. They are the funniest Easter accessories that everyone likes. Make swimmers wear the bunny ears with their goggles when diving in the pool. It definitely adds sparkle to the party.

You can also give away some interesting Easter treat bags to your guests. With these ideas, celebrate the best ever pool party Easter in your backyard.