Are you a new pool owner or thinking about getting your own pool? You probably have pool maintenance questions and are wondering if you are going to be up for the job. In this article, I am going to talk to you about 5 top tips on pool maintenance.

pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Musts

When you are working on keeping your pool sparkling and clean, it probably isn’t as difficult as you might think. Each pool is different so you are going to have to learn what is best for your pool but you must make sure you are in a pool maintenance routine. Even if you are using a service company to take care of your pool, you are going to need to do some things on your own unless you have someone at your house full time.

#1 – Skimming Debris and Cleaning Out the Baskets

Make sure you skim debris from your pool and clean the filter every few days. If you don’t do this, you are going to have debris that has sunk to the bottom making it more difficult to clean.

#2 – Vacuum Your Pool & Brush Walls and Tile

Make sure to vacuum your pool every week to keep the water clear and reduce the chemicals you have to put in it. You are going to find you have a pretty wide selection of pool vacuums at your disposable. If you are using a manual pool vacuum work it back and forth all over the surface of the pool the way you would as if you were vacuuming a carpet.

pool maintenance

#3 – Clean Your Pool Filter

While a mildly dirty pool filter is going to be more effective than a totally clean pool filter, you do not want to let it get too bad. There are three different kinds of pool filters you will come across. These are the cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth filters. Make sure you know how to properly clean the type of filter you have when you are working on your pool maintenance.

#4 – Your Pool Heater Should Be Professionally Serviced

Your pool heater is going to be one of the things that require the least maintenance. If you have a gas heater, it should work fine for a couple of years without being serviced and electric ones can last even longer than a couple of years. You should contact your manufacturer’s manual for the exact guide to taking care of your pool heater. Make sure to keep an eye out for calcium scales build up inside your heater’s tubes. This can restrict the flow and prevent water from being heated properly.

#5 – Check & Maintain Your Pool’s Water Levels

You may notice that you are losing some water during the swimming season. This is normal and is caused by splashing and evaporation. Make sure you keep your pool water levels at the proper depth for the best functioning. Don’t let the water level get below the level of the skimmer or this could damage the pump.

pool maintanance

Pool Maintenance Conclusion

Properly maintaining your pool is going to save you time, hassle and money. If you have questions, feel free to contact our pool experts. We will be glad to help you.



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