With proper maintenance and pool upgrades, you can prepare your pool for the coming winter. When the temperatures fall down, your pool may get too cold to swim in. Also, it becomes vulnerable to evaporation and damage caused by freezing water. Winters in Louisville bring a lot of sleet and snow. You can protect your pool from turning into a snowy mess by ensuring the following upgrades:

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Maintain the Pool Chemistry

When upgrading the pool for winter, you should ensure that the water chemistry is well-balanced. It includes the pH level, calcium hardness, and alkalinity of the pool. It protects pool edges from etching or straining in the cold weather. You can also add a chemical kit to keep the water blue and clean for the next swimming season.

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Use the Latest Technologies

Installing automated control systems is convenient and affordable for pool owners. It cuts down the energy used and makes pool equipment more accessible. You can schedule the run times of your lighting systems, pool heating systems, and hot spa jets to allow comfortable settings in your pool. The settings ensure that the equipment will run only when you need to use the pool.

Add a Heating System

If you want to enjoy the experience of swimming in hot water during the chilling winter, you need a pool heating system. It is one of the most important pool upgrades for winter season. Depending on your budget, you can choose the right heating system. To save energy costs, install solar heating systems. You can also install a heat pump pool heater system which is completely automated to control the temperature of your pool.

Install an Aquarium Net

If the water in your pool gets freezing cold, you need an aquarium net to clean the debris, leaves, and bugs out of the pool. This device is a wonderful handy tool that can be used throughout the year. During the winter seasons, it helps in keeping your hands away from icy cold water. In Louisville, the temperature may make it difficult to keep the pool clean without such skimmers.6 Ways to Upgrade Your Pool This Winter 1

Drain the Pool Equipment

After blowing out water from the plumbing lines, it’s time to drain the filter and other pool equipment. Open the air relief valve on the pool filter and put a multiport valve to winterize it. Also, you need to drain the chemical feeder, automatic cleaner pump, pool heater, and all other components having water in them. This helps in keeping these electronic components safe from freezing climate.

Install a Pool Cover

Covering the entire pool not only keeps it safe from debris but also from climatic conditions. In winters, a pool cover will provide sufficient protection to the pool water. It prevents evaporation of water. Most importantly, it keeps the debris and other contaminants at bay when you don’t use your pool for swimming. There are options like solid surface pool covers and mesh covers. Choose an option that suits your needs.

These are some effective pool upgrades that you can consider for the coming winter season.

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