Do you visualize your pool to be more attractive and colorful? Pool lighting options will make your wish come true. These lights will create a dramatic dimension to your pool and its surroundings. Here are some pool lighting options for you to consider.

Types Of Pool Lighting

Flush- Mounted Underwater Halogen Lights

These lights can be aligned perfectly against a pool wall. But remember that halogen lights consume more power and require higher maintenance. Installation time may also increase due to its inherent complexity. Nevertheless, halogen lights are cheaper than LED lights and let you save some money on your purchase.

LED pool light bulb

Flush-Mounted Underwater LED Lights

A flush-mounted pool light has a distinct advantage of sticking to the boundaries of your pool. These mounts are placed directly inside your pool’s wall. These lights are rapidly gaining popularity, especially with the new builds. One drawback may be that you will face expensive installation costs for a fresh installation. The price might come down if this need was catered to during the construction of your pool itself. You may even need a technician’s support to smoothen the installation process.

Surface Mounted Underwater LED Light

These lights are easier to install and provide excellent lighting to your pool. Such pool lighting options are easier to replace for pool upgrade as well. Surface mounted LED lights may stick out a little since they are not flush with the wall. You may have to take extra precaution when children are using the pool. Kids tend to use these lights for climbing out of the pool and break them in this process.

Surface-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Lights

Are you looking for pool lighting options under a budget? Then surface-mounted halogen underwater lights may be just right! They are easy to install and costs lesser than LED lights. They improve your pool’s beauty and appeal. The only concern you may face is more energy consumption. Halogen lights require more power for lighting up your pool. So you may need to be prepared for an increase in your utility bills as well.

LED Flood Lighting

From the pool area to your garden, these lights are used to light up every aspect of your backyard. They are a popular choice for lighting more extensive areas. Installation is easy, and you can save more in comparison to halogen lights. You may need professional help on installation, though. You will also need to keep your backyard ambiance pretty stable. Flooding light on an inappropriate area can have adverse effects on your pool’s grandeur.

nicheless led pool light

Submersible And Floating LED Lighting

These pool lighting options will dazzle your parties and create stunning effects. Batteries either power them or have solar power. The lights are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can either choose to submerge and have them floating based on your style preference.

Feature Lighting

Use LED or halogen lights to highlight a feature of your pool or garden area. Waterfalls, trees, or other landscaping features are made more impressive with this feature. Using them strategically will add a fresh look to your backyard and pool.

Pool lights create an exceptional backyard ambiance and add life to your outdoor experience. There are many creative ways to arrange them and enhance your pool’s elegance.  You need to consider all the lighting features before making your purchase.

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