Once you’ve decided to build your pool, it’s time to hire a great Idaho pool builder. There may be some horror stories about local contractors haunting you. But if you ask the right questions, you should be fine. Here are seven important questions to ask before signing the contract.

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How long have you been in operation?

Some contractors will never answer this question. If they don’t, consider this a red flag. You need to hire a company that has at least 3 years of experience in pool building. (p.s. Premier Pools & Spas has 30.)

Can you give references?

When you ask for references, don’t hesitate to put a number before an Idaho pool builder. Ask for a few references. It shows that you expect your builder to have worked on many projects in the past. If you can talk to at least five people, arrange a meeting at any of their homes. It will give you a chance to see the expertise.

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What will be included in the service contract?

Imagine if a builder digs your pool and hits the rock. In this situation, there can be outcomes that may or may not favor you. A reliable contractor will provide an insurance policy or clause to protect you from any potential unforeseen expense. Also, be careful to check if every aspect of pool building is spelled clearly in the agreement.

How long will you take to finish my project?

Before construction begins, it is always good to know what to expect. Asking about the time required for completion keeps you well-informed. Any Idaho pool builder should be able to provide tentative dates that work as a baseline to get started.

Do you have general liability and workmen’s compensation insurance?

Pool builders usually hire sub-contractors to work on your project. Since they’re not company employees, if a mishap happens on your property, the full liability falls on you. This is where workmen’s compensation insurance saves you. Don’t put yourself at risk by hiring a pool builder with neither of these policies.

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Can You Provide Custom Features?

If you want to create your personal retreat in your backyard, hire a company that specializes in installing custom pool features. Whether you need a water feature or an outdoor living feature, ask if the company can provide them all.

Are There Financing Options Available?

Pool building is an expensive affair. If you need help with finances, ask your pool builder about the same. Many contractors do not provide financing but they have a list of third-party lenders that can arrange for your finances.

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