Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is very important. Proper swimming pool maintenance helps with the cleanliness of your pool and safety of your friends and family. Dusk is considered the most favorable time to perform such checks for balanced pool water. Using test strips recommended by a pool service expert is a good way to begin. Here are 7 tips and tricks to confirm that the water is perfectly balanced.

balanced pool water

Choose a Suitable Test Area

Wisely choose a suitable test area for using a reagent test kit. Then dip the tester in the pool up to your elbow. You may then go on to add the precise number of drops as per the recommendation by your pool expert. A chart is provided to compare the color which will help you to conclude the results of the check.

Check the Coloration on the Strip

Immerse the strip elbow into that part of the pool which does not have water pouring in from the pools filtration system. Give it about half a minute and then check the coloration on the strip.

Test the Pool at Frequent Intervalsbalanced pool water

One must conduct an analysis of their pool water at least four times a month. When using pool chemicals, you must seek an expert’s advice on getting balanced pool water. After all, it is the only way you can avoid wrecking the filtration systems by avoidable errors.

Investigate Sudden Fluctuations in Test Readings

An inexplicable and sudden an increase or decrease in test readings must be investigated. It is recommended that you should wait for the next 24 hours and then repeat the examination. Chances are the results will automatically self-correct. One should adjust the pH if you find that there is absolutely no change in the readings, whatsoever.

Avoid Testing in Bad Weatherbalanced pool water

There are times when testing should be avoided, such as whenever Dallas has been hit by a storm or even experienced mild rainfall. Postpone the test by 8-12 hours until after the incident. Debris and chemicals in the air could enter your swimming pool, which will lead to your results getting contaminated.

Avoid Mixing Chemicals and Adhere to Suggested Wait Periods

Once you add the chemicals in the pool wait for a minimum of 6-8 hours before performing the tests. Minor adjustments should be done instead of going overboard with pouring solutions into the water. Once you do the required adjustments, allow a gap of 6 hours, and then repeat the same procedure again. However, you should know that mixing chlorinator with calcium chloride is prohibited.

Use the Chemicals Cautiously

It is vital to give the water 6 hours of interval before introducing another chemical after the first. Each of the liquids and acids shall need time to absorb and dilute. Giving the process necessary time is critical lest haste ruins the results.

Checking your swimming pool water regularly for the proper balance of all the pool chemicals is going to ensure that your swimming pool is safe and clean. It is important to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance, that way you don’t have to worry about an unclean swimming pool.

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