The sole purpose of a hot tub is to sit comfortably and relax in the hot water. However, the entire experience can be improved and made more fun, if there are some accessories included in the hot tub to make things more comfortable and convenient. So, when you are purchasing accessories for your Maine hot tub & spa, it is worth considering the various types and versions of accessories that are available.


4 Accessories for your Maine Hot Tub & Spa

A Drink Caddy

spa caddy

For your convenience, there are many fascinating accessories for the hot tub. For instance, you may want to enjoy a beverage while you are resting in the water, but you do not want to hold the glass or cup in your hand. To prevent this, you can purchase a side bar and fit it against the side of your tub. It needs to fit securely, to ensure that there is no spillage.

The attractive Spa Caddy  (seen at left) is a safe and handy spa side tray for hot tub users to put smart phones, snacks, beverages. Swings toward and away from spa for easy access. Quickly and easily mounts to virtually any spa with just a screwdriver.


Rack or Shelf


You may want a rack or a shelf to hold your towel, once more fitted to the side. This will let you grab the towel easily to help you wipe your face more than once. Everything will then be simply at reach.

Suction cups

Most advanced models feature suction cups that can be stuck to the side of the tub. They do not move while being used, and simultaneously you can move them from one side of the hot tub to another. Any type of storage space in the tub may be regarded as a hot tub accessory. You can keep chemicals and other accessories needed for the tub.


Spa pillow