It’s not the first part of your home visitors see, but with a little color and imagination you can make your Los Angeles home’s backyard the most memorable feature.

Be creative and think beyond plants to creative accents that reflect your own sense of style – whatever that may be. From the deck around your hot tub or spa to the color of the flower pots, you can find many design opportunities to express yourself in your own backyard.

Here are a few ideas on how you can add small touches to make your backyard an inviting and inspiring part of your home.

Make A Wall Your Los Angeles Canvas

Las Cruces

Most likely the interior of your Los Angeles home has accent walls. Why not select a wall on the outside to add a burst of contrasting color to your backyard? Consider taking it a step further and turn that wall into an interesting mural to capture the attention of visitors. It doesn’t have wall of the house either, use a garden wall or fence to make your bold statement.  

Dive Into It

If it’s time to remodel your pool, why not step away from the usual shapes and colors and plan for your pool to take center stage. Pool surround tiles that are a bold color or form an eclectic pattern may be all it takes to take your backyard from “nice” to “stunning”.

Flaunt Your Furniture

Las Cruces

Use eye-catching colors to make chairs stand out. Mix them, match them, add a little artwork to personalize them or some tie cushions with attractive designs. The cushions are smart way to unify a set of mismatched chairs or add some diversity to a set that looks all the same.

“Potluck” Anyone?

Las Cruces

Most times we think of flower pots as simply utilitarian – no frills attached. These garden and patio staples, however, are just sitting there waiting to make a contribution to your Los Angeles backyard’s signature style. No need to go out and buy a bunch of fancy pots. The ones you already have can be spray painted solid bright colors or if you’re feeling particularly “artsy’ then go a little further and stencil on a design.

Head For The Shed

If your garden shed has taken on that “naturally rustic” a.k.a. “broken down” look then it’s renovation time. Go beyond a fresh coat of paint by selecting colors that work to transform your lowly shed into a conversation piece. After the renovation, don’t be in a hurry to throw out the trash. You might be able to find an interesting item to hang on your new shed’s outer wall to help it retain a bit of that rustic appeal!

Colors and carefully selected design elements can change any area of your home from bland to warm, inviting and stimulating. Use your own personal flair to help transform your backyard into a more welcoming and livable space that you’ll enjoy spending more time in.

Check out this great video for some more fantastic ideas on how you can spruce up your Los Angeles backyard.

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