Your lifestyle and home is unique, expressing who you are and your interests. While adding a spa to an existing pool is a preferred remodeling job for most property owners, the reasons why you need one is different from others wanting to do the same. Perhaps you would love to add one for improving your quality of life at home, or maybe for health reasons, and also for entertaining and social reasons.

When you add one to your pool, it will help you entertain your friends, spend enjoyable time with loved ones, relax with privacy and feel happier and healthier at home. Your household will enjoy the hot water, calming massage, and energizing hydro-therapy the spa jets offer.

Benefits of Adding Spa to Your Pool are:

  • Lowering stress
  • Alleviate pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Value of property increases
  • And brings fun!

Adding a Spa during Pool Renovations

If you are considering doing some renovations to really brighten up your pool, then this is the best time to add a brand new one. To carry out any renovations, you need to empty the pool, in order to carry out any structural work that you require. The existing pool may be altered to add a spa within the main pool body itself, or perhaps you can extend the pool to incorporate the area. The other alternative if you do not wish to touch the existing pool shell itself, is by installing a separate spa unit directly adjacent to your pool. This spa is going to be self-contained, though; therefore you will have to install separate filtration equipment, pumps and so on.

Add a Spillover Spa

This might be the simplest choice with regards to ways of adding a spa to your current pool. Spillovers are put directly next to the existing pool and pool water and the spa. They actually mix together, allowing you to just need one pump for both the spa and pool. A Spillover spa makes it much easier to maintain the water. These are not difficult to set up, taking just a few hours if the shells are already formed and the plumbing done prior to installation. You just need to dig the hole for the spa, lay the foundation, position the unit, after which you can connect the plumbing to that of the main pool equipment.

Who Can Add a Spa To Your Existing Pool?

If you have made the decision to have one in your existing pool, you will have to contact the experts since it is certainly not a job that you can do alone. You will have to work with an expert, skilled pool builder and or a pool renovations specialist. They will work with you all through the whole process, revamping, landscaping, designing the area and the new one to be added, getting planning authorizations and costing the project for you. They also make changes required to your current pool, building the new one and remodeling the pool as needed, and designing surrounds and new pool finishes as required.

Spas can add lots of value to your home. Adding one is not as difficult as you might think. We can build you a pool to fit the needs of your family!

Add a Spa to your Existing Pool!

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