This Aerin Lauder swimming pool puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy just by taking a look at it. The chaise lounges by the pool call your name and you almost want to step into the picture and enjoy at least one hour by the pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about creating your own Aerin Lauder swimming pool and how you could have your own backyard paradise.

aerin lauder swimming pool

Recreating This Aerin Lauder Swimming Pool

This beautiful property has been passed down and will continue to be passed down for generations. It is one of the few homes that sit in this particular part of Florida and has the Breakers on one side and a public beach on the other side.

If you want to go about recreating this Aerin Lauder swimming pool, you need to not only think about the clean lines of the pool, but the whole look of the pool, the landscaping, and everything. It all fits together beautifully to bring the pool to the perfect look and feel.

You can see by the beautiful blue water that it is well maintained. The steps seem to keep going down, down, down. It is a gorgeous pool and what else could you expect from an Aerin Lauder swimming pool?

aerin lauder swimming pool

Photo courtesy of architectural digest

Aerin Lauder and Her Empire

Not only is this Aerin Lauder swimming pool amazing, but the lady herself is a gem. She has been able to do a great deal even after the passing of the highly esteemed Estee. No doubt, there is a great deal of pressure on this bronzed beauty to be as great or greater than her predecessor.

When you look at everything that has been built with this young lady, you cannot help but admire her. Wanting to have an Aerin Lauder swimming pool is only natural.

How Do You Get Your Own Aerin Lauder Swimming Pool?

aerin lauder swimming pool

Photo courtesy of Jupiter magazine

If you are looking at this beautiful Aerin Lauder swimming pool and thinking that you could never have one as beautiful, the truth is that you could have a pool like this created for your own backyard. Even small backyard could have a similar pool but would utilize a “spool” or small pool. Instead of being worried about what you are doing to do, you can speak with a pool professional, show them the photos of the pool and they can help you recreate the Aerin Lauder swimming pool so you can have your dream pool.

Working with a team of professionals that can help you achieve your dream backyard is easy when you pick the right team. Our pool professionals have been in business for many years and our desire is to help each of our customers get the experience and the look that they want out of their pool. Instead of waiting around to get your pool done, you can start today and get closer to your dream swimming pool. Just give one of the pool experts a call and they can help you start planning.

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