The immediate area around your backyard pool in Salt Lake City is known as the pool deck. Also referred to as a pool patio, this is the area in which you place tables, lounge chairs, and other outdoor furniture. Affordable pool decking creates the style and look of your whole swimming space. When you’re designing and constructing the pool deck,¬†you should consider the materials to use. This space needs to be non-slip, appealing, elegant and well-built. Your pool deck can be the ideal spot for family enjoyment.

affordable pool decking

All You Need to Know About Affordable Pool Decking:


The most popular and affordable pool decking material is poured concrete. Pool decks made with concrete can be either stamped or broom finished. For a standard concrete appearance, you can use broom finishing. There are also a variety of color choices as well.

Stamped concrete can look like brick, tile or stone. While this type of finish is often a little more costly than broom one, stamping is more affordable than stone. Concrete has some limitations depending on climate. If you reside in a region with harsh winters, concrete may not be the best option. Periods of unusually cold weather and thawing can most likely crack the material in the long run, which will lead to costly repairs.

Composite Wood:

Do you prefer the appearance of wood but do not want to take care of the maintenance? This material may be the best option. Composite wood resembles wood but is actually created from plastic-like synthetics.

The material needs no maintenance whatsoever. It will not rot, splinter or fade even after continuous exposure to water and sun. In addition, the composite wood looks like real wood in both feel and look. A range of replicated affordable pool decking wood designs is available in lots of different colors.

affordable pool decking


Stone is elegant, inexpensive and durable, which makes it one of the most common and affordable pool decking materials for swimming pools in all climate types. This material comes in a lot of different colors, sizes, and shapes.

You can use stone to add pool decorations like boulders, waterfalls and other structures. Decking with this material will add a natural, timeless look that is ideal for almost any style of architecture.

Stone is very durable and needs hardly any maintenance. Furthermore, the material offers natural friction. The non-slip surface will help to increase safety at the poolside.

Tile Deck:

You can give your pool a clean, stylish look with tile. In addition, this material is quite simple to work with. Keep in mind that you can only use unglazed as pool decking. Glazed tile, similar to what you would get on a bathroom or kitchen counter, is way too slippery to safely utilize around the pool.

You can get affordable pool decking tiles in a range of other sizes and shapes to have a unique look. Additionally, you can use specialty tiles that look like wood, brick, stone or marble.

For a simple pool deck remodeling, tile is the best option. Another great choice, if you want to extend an existing deck size, is by using self-adhesive tiles.

affordable pool decking

Affordable Pool Decking – Conclusion

Is your existing pool deck looking uninspired, dull and out-of-date? Affordable pool decking is an easy way to add an exciting, fresh look to your entire backyard space and poolscape. Regardless of what kind of pool deck you already have, we at Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City provide you with choices for a great new pool deck look.

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